Today is my Lucky Day


@D_MESSIAH @Mr_Scooty @dickwad @Golem @CuzegSpiked

sometimes its better to make a Solo Farming than to have Hireling on your PVE Journey.

i’ve got this on ordinary Map (Blue) with Packsize Floor 204. Eternalized+Crystallin+Luck on my Gears.

(fingercrossed for good affixes)


also this is a good one…

ETERNAL BACK IS BACK!!! :joy: is this DQ intentional or bug? i think it is from Season 1?

hope to get those old Vanities. :smile: Thank You DQ… :slight_smile:


i just got it also right now, when @kiane tell me about that eternal back vanity,…


wow!!! nice eternal pet…


@kiane_zaine you are spot on. I dropped 4 out of 6 eternal pets in 1 v e play with a luck of about 1012 with ephinany and completing kill legend enslavers on an easy map ( legend or eternal) . To complete the eternal pet drop feat i had 2 characters against the mythic enslaver to ensure success. The pet would be eternal anyway :slight_smile: So 4 out of 6 where gained solo play


Lol level that pet up beyond 100. You want your pet buffed to maxed quality. Basically kill lots of enslavers and rescue pets


wanna see a lucky guys