Too hard to achieve 100% DMG Reduction on Floor +1000 😭

Can someone please help me how doea the DMG Reduction work? :sob: I already have +50k All resist and 300k Armor but still 85% DMG reduction only on Floor 1000 :sob::cry:

No point really. You’re better off using a high dodge % build whilst trying not to get hit. Combo with block if need be too and a survival skill to escape or protect such as stealth , Smoke Bomb , vault and teleport/shatter.

Then invest mainly in damage and crushing blow. The damage to help when crushing blow starts becoming less useful after 10s or 100s of crushes. High hit frequency skills are one of the best for the crushing blow purposes and damage too.

Another good survival skill is skills that taunt like Meteor+ Aftermath , Twister and the taunt skill; and the skills that fear such as shatter+ aftermath, haunting set and fear skill.

Even dauntless does not work as intended.

Tried it once, just settled on a dodge + block build

Ok. To survive 1k floor , I found you needed like a ridiculous 4M HP or 10M HP or more , about 100k or more AR, let alone 300k or more depending on how it’s achieved and around 10-30k or 50k resists let alone 100k. Even if you survived one hit , you’d need like a way to recover so much HP.

Takes too many slots so it’s definitely better to just use thing like Block/dodge , survival skill, crushing blow and pure DMG.



You may try 3 EP set with talent 40 bulwark, it can help you to reach 100% block , or a new rouge ability hyper armor , with 100% rate when you attack with enemy at that moment you have 100% DMG reduction .

No its not about the campaign why i want to achieve 100%, Its because when i already get 100% DMG Reduction on Floor 1000 then my build will be ready to absorb DMG on Pvp.

Reaching 100% DMG reduction is impossible, but you can go near it at cost of many affixes slots.
Although, I don’t think reducing DMG is a good point on PVE, since it is better shooting enemies with 1 hit instead tanking them.
On PVE, attack is the best defense.

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You’ll simply need to avoid damage as much as possible. High Block + Dodge or full Stealth, Sanctuary. Fast Movement (either Vault, Teleport or a lot of MS).

A neat trick is to use Ice damage on OH and your normal element on MH. If you then teleport/vault around, you’ll freeze all enemies. Taunt and Dauntless should work great as well, but I haven’t tested it so far.

You can also use Earthquake which stuns enemies, or Storm (Proc) for Knockback. There are enough possibilities but it depends a lot on your build. Wouldn’t go AR or Resistance on high floors, they are basically useless.

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Im trying to make a damage reduction build myself however mine followd the idea of status effects to stop them attacking you (there are block/dodge builds that are very viable) i found that blind has fastest distribution but shortest effect time so i use this on my main for initial effect. For hireling i use more sturdy effects such as freeze, shock, stun from attack speed (berzerker set i think).

Main farm goes ahead to blind and taunt while hireling (dps) follows with aoe and stacks the damage onto them

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The best way to survive at higher floors is to have a huge damage, more DPS and deadly crits. That is the best defense over all in PvE. Be sure to have crushing blows, max caps of crit DMG, crit chances and deadly strike chances. To do that you mush have an Epiphany set. Fighting! :grin:


High floors are hard (the question is are they worth it? I tend to farm easier floors untill I get a legend or eternal map then convert it to the highest level. Then I go in with my most destructive build.)


Easy to do high floors for me but it gets repetitive after a while , the only purpose being to see how high your build can go. For farming, well floor 1000 is the last floor when a new legend starts to drop (Eternalized ring and amulet) and after that, there’s no point farming those floors due to the difficulty and the diminishing returns on loot gained that happens as enemies are more difficult.

This already happens to a degree after floor 200 enemies ,such as less enemy spawn, less item drops but higher tier crystal and difficulty in HP, but it really shows after floor 500+ when the benefits gained from higher floors stop (apart from some legends being at floor 600+, 800, 1000, etc).


In total agreement with @CuzegSpiked. I only climbed the farming ladder to drop deadly sins stuff (which I now easily obtain from my codex). My advice is that unless your after a specific item that can only drop on, for example, floor 1000 then don’t do it :slight_smile:

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