Took a very very long break

I got DQ on my Droid probably 2 or more years ago. Been a dungeon crawler guy forever. Stopped playing when I got my Xbox and Diablo 3. So my Xbox would no longer read discs, so on a whim I found my old friend Shinybox. Unbelievably I actually remembered the account name and was blessed with what I call Dungeon Quest 2.0. I had a wizard, and warrior both caped at 99. All items and all gold. But I had done zero reading. Just picked up and played. There’s so much more content on here I feel bad for NEVER paying a penny for this game. How Shinybox supports itself is beyond my understanding. But I do plan on getting the storage add on. Sick of, and thankful for all the gems and stones. Ohhh yea…I tried the PvP thing before I checked out. When I returned I had a whole lotta stuff in my message box. Keep it up Shinybox…

Safe Adventuring,

And…Be Nice 2 Cats!


welcome ma dude

WELCOME BACK! :slight_smile:

Welcome back.

welcome back, looks like your return DQ gaming experience is going to make you go :exploding_head:!

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