Topic for anybody that can show how they grown like noob to pro like day 1 and day 50

So here we talk about hackers,noob to pro, frist day second day all the way to day :100:
And stuff here’s my first pic

Here’s me now
btw this is blue act 4


No reply’s dam

BRUH no reply’s

give it some time… the Forum isn’t as busy as it was when I first joined.


Aww…i deleted my day 1 pic already…but i can screenshot my current progress though


Post it

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well, I don’t have screen shots, but my Wizard was Arcane Staff, and since I was changing between all three characters with one Character slot to figure out which one I like playing, Warrior was Arcane Sword and Rogue was Arcane Bow. all had starting level one equipment that had Haste Nature on all Items.

now I have most of the Gold Purchase Items from the shop, and spent money on the Night Blade Weapons & Armor, Angel & Demon Wings, and I got the free Christmas & Halloween Vanities. I have most of the Battle Arena Auras except for the Demonic Aura (I’m on the last stretch to get it…), so I can do some nice Vanity Cosplay!

as for the day 100 stuff, I only had a few of the Gold Items from the Shop and I think the Halloween Vanities.