Torrent talents affected by cerebral vortex?

Does warrior talent tree torrent affect the torrent procs from Cerebral Vortex?

Proc will active when you use any skill Cerebral vortex will activate when someone hit you

Since it looks like 99,999999 % Torrents that are summoned from Cerebral Vortex, and my logic said increasing Torrent talent will affect its damage. unless the devs said its not a Torrent its a Vortex ! then no =)

Ya I would think it would. Just wanted to make sure before i added all those points.

There is no such thing as a torrent talent. Heroic skills are only available in PVE.

What do u mean @Clogon? Adding Torrent Skill to lv20 is nothing on PvP? And do not increase the Cerebral Vortex Torrent?

What he meant is (i think) that skills you add on hero page doesn’t matter for PvP but + skills from items will still work.

Ya didn’t mean talent. I can from WoW and reminds me of a telnet tree. That’s good to know that it doesn’t boost the torrent procs in PVP

Some of the talent tree does affect the torrent from cerebral vortex.

For eg, Zealous which gives an easy 20% dmg and move speed which can affect the dmg of cerebral vortex along with momentum set affix; Might for 30% elemental dmg which increases all dmg of that specific element which can make the torrent stronger overall, brutality if your torrent inflicts bleed so that when it strikes on bleeding enemy, it does more dmg; lacerate, for similar reasons but it’s additive instead of multiplicative than brutality which means the bleed dmg increases but torrent won’t in dmg; and frenzy can affect torrent because it uses attack speed and move speed as multiplers, as well as the talent which gives you crit dmg for owning swords and axes, which increases all dmg including torrent.

These are just some talents that affect any skill and cerebral vortex is included.

Torrent produced from cerebral vortex can be affected by hero points too. Torrents initially deal 300% dmg but when the hero skill is at 20, it deals 300% ×2 =600% dmg. The torrents from cerebral vortex will deal huge dmg that way and torrents in general.

However, in pvp, talents don’t affect it all that much because it’s at 4 and hero points don’t even count until you use a little bit of hero points on gear/pets.

Yes Heroic skills have no effect in PVP. Everything will be set to 0 and can only be boosted by the affixes.

Is the Heroic Skill Strength, Agi and Int will also set to 0 in PvP?

What do you not understand?

Cerebral vortex gives 25% mp per rank, or just plain 25mp?