Torrent vortex and Ricochet

To hell with the torrent of weapons bouncing/Ricochet highest distance and maximum distance from the guidshot. Admin stupid game…

Sorry bad my languege.

Im out from Game nothin Win and lose…
There is no victory and defeat at high levels to low levels (bad)!!!

Not fun.

My ID in Game and STUPID_GAME (Ranger Guidshot and Warrior).

Move on game

?? I don’t understand anything from this, only that you have some problem ^^

Your just having a problem in Enemies with Cerebral Vortex Set Affix the game is great bro your just not reading some stuff in codex to learn more techniques and plans in builds
try to read Cerebral Vortex set affix to understand your situation

All I understood from this is that you are angry about richochet + guidedshot and that you are leaving.


Lol why are you so mad at richochet and guided shot it is not OP at all. In fact I’m using a build that relies on richochet and I’m not doing well in arena builds with cerebral vertex are trashing me around

Patience man, farm more, build more stronger items for PVE counter to those you are mentioned (vortex and ricochets). That’s the only way to defeat them.

I can see that you’re a Diablo 2 Player based on that Andariel profile pic lol Hello bro, we’re on the same thing.

That game was my childhood!

Cheers! :beers:


Cheers! I still have it on my PC. Still having fun on hell difficulty when I’m bored LOL