Toss for warriors

Is toss still a good build for warriors?

SUre it is, bleed type is always good just depends on how you build it. :wink:

Which floor have you got using toss in pve?

Wonder how well throw would work


I think a toss build with high throw sword proc would work well, they use the same sets/affixes… wondering if a throw sword proc with a high damage hammer would be the best damage output

Thx. I will try!

You could make this as a basis.
I made a toss build before 2.0 and I really like this build.

Energy mythic is nice on a toss build due to it’s low attack speed.
If you don’t want to use bloodmagic.

Toss is nice as well on pvp due to bleed and being mid range.

I been looking at that along with posts on there on how to make stronger though I’m still trying to find a build with this


abuse or luck. wondering~

how did you get epic affixes on a legend with 4 sockets? the 4 sockets make Earthquake, is the epic affixes automatically made after that? can’t use the crystal on it can you?

Not sure what @cronos4321 is referring to honestly if you were in the room with me like my wife and 9mo old you’d know I was going nuts

Is toss still a good build for 2.0?

I’ve made one for pvp I still think it’s good. Depends really on a player preference :smile:

i personally have 1 toss build. it kind of glasscannon lol. bleed billion damage, will post it when i have time. PROBABLY

If you really want some effective toss build. In terms of pvp, only @Emman got that build. The timewarp coat bleeding build. Hahaha. Sorry for my own name usage of ur build.

That got me to eternal lol. :slight_smile: The name you gave is the perfect description for it :stuck_out_tongue:

Yah. That build is painful. when u got hit by even 1 axe ur freaking dead if u dont stealth to remove buff. Haha. u ddnt try using ballista for it ryt? Since u have lving force on it. Is living better than using ballista on it?

As I remember I didn’t use Ballista

offensively living force gives a big boost. The dmg boost is really high but defensively it would be a disadvantage due to limited range and harder to configure the AI.

defensively I guess ballista might be a good option. :smile:

I see so ballista add dmge is underrated by living force add dmge. Ya ballista really can defend alot bcos of the annoying knockback.
I would love to try such build but its era is done for. :smiley: reserving ultra rare crystal since 2.1 is fast approaching, hope there would be new builds we can make.