Total exp BUG, Ascencion IV. Lagging, and HIRING WONT MOVE

Whats wrong with dungeon quest now? :frowning:
Every time i ascend, my exp is going little by little. Right now my total exp in ascencion 4 is only 5% or 6%.
Please fix this.
And another bug is every few minutes, the game will start to lagging. And also i notice that my hireling is not even moving!

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It specifically tells you in game each time you ascend it takes more exp to ascend again, I recommend adding a Quest rune to each piece of gear, thatll give you 200% exp boost, you’ll notice a BIG difference…

If your lagging that bad remove damage numbers, all them…

Check your AI on your hireling in the character select screen, put the follow you to 1…


I already computed. At lvl 32, ascend IV which is color RED name, i only have 7.1% ex. So i added exp boost. Which is 30 to 40% game. It only 7.1% exp divided 10 = .71% then multiply by 3 or 4 which is 30% or 40% esp boost. .71% x 3 = 2.13 + 7.1 = 9.23 total exp in your adventure page. Thats how i think exp works.
Then level by level. I also notice that my total exp is getting higher little by little.

I wonder how dungeon quest conputed our normal total exp ESP if we ascent which doesnt really have x5 exp till lvl 99 etc.

About lagging. It stops now. It just happened when im nerly level 50. I just play normally but after i visit the apps store reading dungeon quest reviews then when i turn back, it start to lag. Esp some monster is not moving.

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Oh. About the follow me. Sure. I will try it. Thanks.