Trading items

Please make this happen in DQ I want to exchange my valuable items to things that I need… I have a lot of items that can’t be wear because of class restrictions… XD

i want that too. but 1 of the tester or i think the dev team them self said that it can be abuse by the hacker to trade modded item. then -1 for me.


Although it would have it’s pros, having a trading system within the game would just pose as another potential aspect that hackers could abuse, and would, in my opinion, have bad effects to the players as a whole. I would rather suggest a sort of “Daily Gift” and “Friend” system, in which you could gift your friends random crystals daily and random mythstones weekly. Or something like that.

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This gonna be so good but, Many hackers will give to their accounts like Golds or Items that came from hack, That’s gonna be unfair to us who played fair. The best way to put that items that you got you need to have another slot for your account so you can get em via Stash.

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-1 It would be Trade Quest. And yeah a lot of hack items will go around >.>

Perhaps an in game “trading post.” Items could be held in an escrow and subject to an item check. After both players items are verified, the trading post releases the escrow and completes the trade.

Is this game have many hackers ?

Moded items as i could follow what people said, I’m sure there is existing hackers with modified items… A trading system would bad I’ve played Torchlight 2 for a long time there was alot of hackers with modified items and those hackers trade them away… and that will happen here too with an trading system, not so sure if that would be great.


We have a form of “gift system” but is only usable on our end. An example of this is the Google beta test crystal and mythstone give away. We will do more of that in the future for sure.

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Nah…those hackers is such a pain geez…ihave legends items for another class and I don’t have characters slot… No slot - sell …that’s why trading items is cool but those hackers would be glad…haist

“haist” Are you perhaps a flip? If you are then welcome fellow flip player. Lol.

Anyway, there’s a crystal called Jasper that can change an normal-legendary item’s class, for example from Rogue to Warrior and vice versa. Well you get the point. Hope this helps.


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Hackers aside, introducing trade to a loot-style game WILL wreck your experience.

  1. This game’s core mechanic is farming loot.

  2. Powerful pieces will stay in circulation forever. (Unless Locked items cannot be traded.) This removes the incentive to farm.

  3. The thrill of finding your own gear and keeping pieces in case they ever become useful goes out the window. I.E. The game gets boring, and each player learns less.

… and I realise I can just sum it up as - it’ll make the game suck to play after a while. The same thing happened to Diablo 3 - the game was hot, then died really hard because of the AH. Now only a few things are tradeable.

Tops we can implement trading crystals for mythstones, that kind of thing. But the amount of effort it would make into creating a trading system… not so cool.

Besides, it’s supposed to be a one-account experience. Trading might make more sense if we had co-op dungeons or something.