Trading system?

Is it possible to have a trading system in the bear future?

Probably in DQ2. Not in DQ.


They would have to rewrite the whole game but they are busy trying to complete something far better called DQ2. It will involve live gameplay between players in completing quests or fighting each other The devs are just a few people . They have probably spent years making DQ2. :sunglasses:. It’s going to be good I feel. However, they are going to update this game soon with to use their own words “minor changes and bug fixes” and also “one or two surprises” . A few players, including myself, where asked for suggestions for game improvements and we all came up with crazy ideas. I’m very excited at what the surprises will be.

i’m waiting for DQ 2…

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Don’t wait the DQ2 come to join again and keep playing again on the arena I miss you to @D_MESSIAH i hope you would be back some day pal.


thanks Mr_Hercules…


You would be back nice playing again.

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