Not much to say about the feature other than the fact that many people get items that some others don’t. Perhaps some of us would rather have a different option than convert, salvage, or sell? I, for one, would love to have the ability to trade my unwanted gear for someone else’s unwanted gear that I do want. Maybe even trade MS/CS or money. Suggestions? Comments?

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Pple will abuse this feature an there would be no need for grind play. So I don’t think this is gonna ever be a feature. This game will stay offline play. I honestly hope they keep it the way it is.

Grinding is required to get an item, no matter what. With trading, it would be required on both ends.

I’m guessing you haven’t dug around the forums too much, no offense meant but this has been suggested countless of times and has been shot down for several serious reasons. If you didn’t know, there are cheaters in DQ who modifies items irregularly, making them extremely overpowered and unfair, most of which has been banned/separated in the Arena, and a trading system would be another thing for them to cheat/hack or distribute their cheated items. Hope you understand. Keep on suggesting other stuff tho!


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