So i have a hired hero. And i get items on the hired hero. That i want on my main hero. How do i transfer the items from the hired one. To the main hero, would very much like to know. If this is possible i like this game. I have been playing it off and on since 2017. Please help

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You can use Jasper to change an item to a different class ( warrior, rogue, wizard)

A helpful tip is to put the item in a shared stash so it can be accessible to the new class.


yes, there is a shared stash that items can be placed in to be accessed by all characters.

after you spend Gold opening up your characters inventory bags (4 of them), there are 4 stashes that can be opened with Gold. then there are 4 more stashes that can be purchased with real money (I think, it’s been so long that I don’t remember). 2 are for storing Crystals & Mythstones. these extra stashes can be used & accessed by any character, so this is how you can move items from Hero to another Hero.