Transfering items?

I only got one slot for character (a wiz)… I was thinking of creating a new character (warrior) i got alot of warrior stuff now is thr anyway i can transfer these items to the new character? Help :disappointed_relieved:

You can put it in Stash 1-4, all character can access stash and you can transfer it from there.

Sweet thanx! so whatever items i transfer to stash even if i only got 1 character slot if i delete my wiz stash wont get affected?

I thought you meant creating/ buying new slot for another character. I dont know what’s gonna happen to your stash if you delete your only character. I never imagine doing that = ) You can convert warrior items to rogue/wizard using Jasper, that can be an option too.

Damm i wonder if it would work lol nope only got 1 slot. Yeah thats the thing i wanna make warrior. Well thanx tho! Imma just wait for others reply xD

I thought that I read that if you delete a character, and then remake a character in the same spot, it retains the same level/ascendancy? Would it not retain the same stash? Hmmm. It’d be a risk to test it. Lol

Stashes remain through character deletion atleast they did in the beta patches I can’t tell you for sure if that is still the case I’ll ask Steiger tomorrow morning if someone can’t answer your question with absolute certainty by then :smile:

Ey thanx @Griffin012 but i figured it out and tried it xD stash dont get affected! Lol

OK sweet I’m glad too see that that’s still a thing :smile: