lately, there have been more players who are in the Dungeon Quest Forums who don’t speak English, but who want to learn more about the game or want to share with those who want to learn more. like many other games, Dungeon Quest has many players from many countries coming together to have fun and learn more ways to play better. what I have been doing is going to and entering the word ‘translation’ in the search window. then I cut and paste the language I don’t understand and find out what another player has written. I do not have all the answers and can only hope that other players can share answers that they have that I don’t. because this is an English Forum, if you have a question to ask and don’t speak English, write in your Language, and then share the English translation in the same post. when I can give a short answer to others who don’t speak English, I will reply in English and their Language so everyone can learn together. when my post is long, I might only post in English, but I hope that my answers can reach out to everyone, as we all really like playing Dungeon Quest. here is a post that helped a player long ago, and here it is again to help us now.

tdanielShiny Box Developer

Dec '17

Please post in english (you can use to post a translated post).

Thanks for playing DQ!

Publique em inglês (você pode usar para postar uma postagem traduzida).

Obrigado por jogar DQ!


Thanks for the tip! You can also type into the search bar and it will take you to googles translation page!

This is what I do to answer support emails from our players from different countries as well. It isn’t perfect but it is better than not being able to communicate at all.

We will different language support in our next game so we will not have this issue…I will still talk to players through google translate but at least our game will be in their language!


that is going to be good for everyone in DQ2. I have played games that have players from around the world, and if there is an alliance, guild, or whatever the games has, multiple languages can make things difficult when you have multiple languages on the same team or party. but then everyone knows that beating up monsters and collecting treasure is fun, no matter what the language is.


Beating up players is more fun :smiling_imp: