Try ! My first. Hireling ^~^


nice mate

Thanks! I’m trying to ascension my warrior hireling to get dealer and hunter mythic hence my wizard has fortunate treasured dealer and accomplished

go for eternal ascension

Haha! I’m tired for leveling, just wanna farm and build a good set for PvE and PvP . :slight_smile:

for farming use nadroji, luck, item drop

Yea, but how was ascension working with hireling I mean , does treasured and fortunate benefits both toon even my main was the only having it?

If they both have treasured and fortunate my luck and gold find stats will go up? 850% is the cap w/o epiphany . So with finding Eternals and crystallines 550% will they go up if both having treasured and fortunate perks?

The only perk that keep active while on Hireling is the Dealer one… And in order to use Accomplished you should switch char… All the others works only on Main.

only dealer will work at hireling other ascrn wont affect the main

Thanks guys :yum:

welcome enjoy the game