Trying to decide what class to work on

So little about me I follow cronos closely on his work I have a fortune bringer and the hachimon warrior. I’m wanting to branch out…either rogue or wizard… Should I have a fortune bringer of each of those classes or just a Hireling? Please let me know your thought and which why you would go… Try not to be biased unless strong reasons for being so. Ill be checking back about every 5 mins. Thanks in advance I’m currently still climbing at floor 638

Wizard aftermath build is very fun

you only need a 1 farming build the rest will be attacker

just play them all

f00kee problem is trying to decide what to build next… Also have to watch out for those phone melting builds on pack size… Lol
I’ve thought about,

Chak build


That cronos build


Shock bleed

Just debating the next one

warrior’s toss and scalp build for pve is fun

Aight sounds that’s the direction ill go first then.

A green garden build using whirlwind is fun as well. It’s the one I’m currently using and now I’m at 700+ floor.