Trying to reach 1m dmg in PVP arena

(this is my progress, if the image will not show or appear. Please help me how to make it. Thanks)

Hello there, im new here and it is my first time to post here in forum. Can anyone help me how to achieve the 1m dmg in pvp arena? Im using rouge(bleed type).


Keep improving @Myu nice bleeding suck you got.


Thank you :blush:

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I have done that, 1M damage on bleed dot, but you have the rong caracter for that, warrior talents are alot more suited for that feet!, Just a Simple tip, test dummy are not a good way to test you damage, test dummy dont have any resistence our AR what so ever, do it One real arena, if your a 1v1 adict, use 2v2 for your test, you Will see the damage Diference, you Will do alot less damage than that! Real Player have alot of defence! keep it going!


Ohhh i see. Thanks for the info sir. :blush: