Twitch Stream : Eternallized(8), floor 2 boosted pet farm. Results are in

pacific standard time. morning to afternoons.

now streaming.

just search for “dqhomicide”

this is a brand new account. empty clean codex. no loot. no gold… no nothings.

the goal - become efficient Crystal and Mythstone farmer as soon as possible.


day 2 has begun.

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day 2 has concluded. much progress made. i think.

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I was thinking about to do it myself, but I still had no time yet xD


Ahhh time… So scarce these days sad. I intended to upload my farming video but it always fails when i upload sad, now i dont even have time to do it…

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Keep it up :slight_smile:

Watch dqhomicide with me on Twitch!

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day 3 :

pretty eventful for loot (noob loot that is… mmm tasty)

  • ready to ascend both characters again.
  • crafted a few decent affixes into gear
  • nadrojis ring dropped early. on day 2.
  • almost enough dust to unlock key piece
  • locked down m3f101

same times tommorow. moving on

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Day 4 begins

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todays goal…

  • aquire enough dust to unlock key piece
  • floor climb
  • miscellaneous
  • ascend… again
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figured i’d share a quick clip / tip of day.

this is a new account as of 4 days ago. streaming adventures on the way to becoming efficient CS farmer in as short of time as possible.

Will There be hero to eternal series senpai? :3

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Day 5 begins.

  • crystalline(6) obtained
  • ascended again
  • m3f300 locked down
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i wonder if you could give us wee little guys a brief but concise explanation of exactly how crystalline affects cs drops. what CS it affects… etc

this has also long been the topic of many conversations.

thanks in advance. :slight_smile:

update : day 5

  • passed f400m3 on the climb to f500m3.

note that difficulty is preference, as cs drops are not affected by difficulty afaik.

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I’m glad you put the video on youtube, I missed the twitch stream today and really wanted to see it. Have you considered allowing your twitch to automatically add videos of past broadcasts to your videos section?

I have a few questions, though I know I have already asked a lot lol.

How do you keep your character alive when powerleveling? I have to revive mine every 20 seconds or so, are you avoiding specific affixes on your maps? I definitely avoid skyfall, but still have trouble. Also, my char didn’t level nearly that much out of a map with similar mods, I only got to like 25, what am I doing wrong?


are you changing hirelings gear? dont. after ascension… simply leave them until map completed.

are you making sure you open and enter a packsize map BEFORE purchasing your ascension on the hireling?

i got real lucky with a legend pet that has angelic set. you can however… add health points to hireling in map during the process

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welcome to day 6 :

day 5 was rather short uneventful as i spent the day tutoring and viewing other player streams… but continuing on today…

i’ve been beech slapped LIVE by rng. 20 amythests and not once an adventurer affix. ahhh the fun.

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day 7 :

  • setting in to cs farming.

with floor 600 unlocked, its time to tune gear, unlock some needed items, do some crafting, and get rich. :slight_smile:

hope this helped.

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This one seems a bit more straightforward than how some of the other sets effect things. My understanding is that normally you have a 1% chance for any legend that drops to be eternal and 1% for it to be crystal. 1 in 100 chance for either. When you wear Crystalline, you get 50% bonus per rank…so at Crystalline(6) you get 300% more chance, which is a 4% chance for a legend item to get a crystal stat, which is 4 in 100 or 1 in 25.

As far as the crystal quality drop bonus, that one is a bit more confusing to me, but here’s what I think…I believe there are 2 different calculations that go on for crystal drops. There is the range of crystals that might drop based on what floor you’re on, so that is determined first. Once it has the range, it rolls to see what crystal quality you get within that range. I believe the 7.5% bonus per Crystalline set gives a bonus to that roll (along with the bonuses on legend and eternal maps) to bump up the crystal quality within that range. The thing I’m not sure of is, how that roll works.

Knowing how other games work, my guess there is, there’s a 1-100 roll and the bonus is applied to that roll. That roll however, only yields access to part of the crystal range, so lets say you’re above floor 500 and you’re rolling for Kyanite and beyond. I’d guess that the main range is Kyanite to Amber, and that to get a crystal beyond that, you have to roll a 100, (or maybe a 95-100?) and if you do, you get a second roll to see what crystal you get from Jasper to Obsidian (although with how rare Ruby, Amethyst and Obsidian are, it could be that those 3 require a second 100 roll.)

Anyway, those are my thoughts. I’m not a dev here, so obviously they are just guesses, however I’ve coded for other games so I have some understanding of how these types of things might be coded.

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im only interested in the crystal drop formula. the rest is pretty common knowledge i think. thats what id like devs to clarify. ty though :slight_smile: