Two Cartographers per Map

For those who don’t know, there is a way to find two cartographers per map. Two things are needed: 1. Monster Spawn Boost, and the main one, 2. Always open the map at level 1.
I can’t explain why but, if U do that, 2 cartographers appear.
There is a Disadvantage. No mythstones appear on vendor.


Well this sounds interesting to try out.

Well this is interesting

worked for you guys? For me, improved to complete the feats of the cartographers, to take eternal maps… hehe :grin:

I’ve got a few legend maps lying around. Going to testthis

It would be nice if there were two bonus chests… :laughing:

Tested it… oh my word it actually works !!! Awesome


Yeah! For now, I’m testing some new ‘curiosities’, soon I’ll be sharing… :grin:

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I’ve bought a monster boost :blush: my Xmas prezzie to my self . I’m finding 2 cartographers and an enslaver per floor. Got 4 hours of boosts left.


Another discover guys!
Two cartographers = two vendors
Each cartographer that U defeat, reset the vendor. It’s good for who like to buy tons of items… hehee :smirk:

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I know. I keep buying hats in hope of an eternalike unreal one :wink: