Two or three sets of AI setting in Arena

This idea might be clever but I think this is awesome if implemented.

In arena right now you can predict your opponents behavior because you’ve face the same opponents over and over again. If we can put three different AI settings that will change the game.

It could be a defensive, offensive, aggressive or neutral settings. The system will randomly chose which of the three AI settings you put will it use in every round. That would gave a different approach or tactics in arena.


That sounds awesome tbh. If A.I behaviour changes a bit, makes you have to adapt your build to ever changing A.I behaviour. Whether it’s a good feature I’m not sure but it could be something.

It would feel more fun also sometimes and maybe feel more human. Some A.I can feel human already but they repeat some tactics.

This idea comes to me when I was battling the immortal. What if this immortal build can go from defensive to full aggressive mode. And to think you need more draws just to kill it.

That would give you a good fight.

I guess so… Your build is an aggressive immortal. Congratulations for figuring it out on your own as well. Nobody shares the recipe to build immortal either .

I faced you which is why. Definitely don’t share with everybody for sure :smile: . Congratulations on your milestone of your immortal build though.

Sounds good. But our dqteam still busy

True day. Letting them work hard . DQ 2 hype xD. Also they seem to be ok after the storm.

Good thing they are not heavily hit by the storm.

that’s great news

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Yep. The servers are intact which is good for arena and cloud saving.

It is a very cool idea, I actually need it. So +1

I still kinda wish I could have replays of my A.I battle logs so I can see my A.I against real players in solo mode but I understand it wouldn’t be easy. There could also be a certain limit on the logs .

I know we have the logs for damage in PvP though. Also speaking of the PvP damage logs , it could be interesting to have logs like that for PvE , but with a log limit obviously since you will deal lots of damage and it would fill pages. I know we wouldn’t really need them but it could help to find out the highest damage numbers and how the certain things affect it. But I don’t think we need it so no need the damage logs for PvE.

New AI script…

If char dont move , if char are camper… auto forfeit :wink:


Lmao. Nah that won’t happen. Also campers dealt by CV and good damage Reduction .

But I understand that they are very annoying in some ways.

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Camper detected :laughing:

Also, on a serious note, i dont understand how cerebral vortex helps with campers. They dont hit me, cause they dont move and i cant get close enough.

CV increases mp and resists and casts torrent on opponent when im hit… correct? I dont see how that helps. Confused… again

I meant CV can help defeat campers. If you have enough damage Reduction and Cerebral Vortex, the torrents can come to the camping A.I. it used to guarantee target it but since CV has to travel the distance now, it will take some effort. Still CV is a good way to deal with campers .

It Increase resist , MP and gives you torrent procs. Not to mention they can keep happening so no internal CD limit like it used to.

Hmm, k. I will look into it

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If this idea go real, i Will play alot off DQ again, on the other Day i just fiel on play arene for a 15 min, i waz on myth league, no build on my wizz, and i go eternal div1 In less then 15min, whid my bleed_freako_o build…, if this fantastic idea become True dude pff…for a New fresh player Will by a dream to go myth league div1…

I hope the devs will see this thread and considered this idea.

This will give a spice in arena. :fire:

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I hope they will add a sets of AI setting for arena and dungeon. It’s hard for those who only have two characters, especially me, to change the AI settings every time I play arena and dungeon.

And also a fix battle gear for arena so we won’t have to change our farming equipment to battle gear.

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