Uh Oh! DQ seems to be using data on my phone

Good day, everyone!

I hope this is not bringing up an old subject previously discussed on these Forums… I did several searches here on the Forums and did not come up with any results!

I have been playing this great game for about a year now, and recently ran into an issue where the game seems to be running on and using data on my phone [Samsung Galaxy S4].

Just wondered if anyone else has run into a similar issue or has any thoughts of what might be causing this. Specifically, it started after I uploaded a character to the DQ Cloud and then downloaded it back to my phone several weeks ago. The game started using 5 to 10 times as much data per Floor. I don’t have a huge amount of data on my plan so this was quite noticeable, and I am hoping to be able to start playing away from the WiFi again!

Thanks in advance, and have a great day!

We’re currently looking into this, and hope to make this issue better by patch 2.1. Thanks for the feedback!


If this doesn’t help, Shiny will fix it. :smiley:


Thanks so much for the replies, Steiger and Skaul! I will try to Restrict the background data of the game and try it again tonight when I am away from the WiFi. If that doesn’t curb the problem on my phone, I will even more eagerly await Patch 2.1!!

I appreciate the tips guys, and thank you Steiger and entire DQ Team for making this game such a blast to play!