Ultra Rapid Fire Build (Shock)[Rogue|PVE]

Uhmmmm… would you mind if I share my build here? Ok… so here it is…

Uhmmm… I dont know how to explain this but this build of mine is like the build of Griffin which is the Manic Macross Missile Maniac… :joy: I just put some sort of changes to affixes and I find it really fun… This build of mine also can hit billions sometimes… Sorry if I didnt put crit damage here (I’m a fan of weaken and arcanist tho :wink:)… So here you go… That’s all folks… :grin: Hope you enjoy using thisbuild… Just tell me if there’s a problem in my build and I’m going to change it for better affix… That’s all… Have a good day. :grinning::ok_hand:

nc build!! :open_mouth: you can even one hit an enemy… but i think your hp is too low with that item but it doesnt matter… you should change your pet or have “time warp proc” legend affix for the “cosmic power” set to be more useful… :slight_smile:

its ok… i dont use time warp that much… btw i change the set affix of my OH to demonic… :smile:

and also, you can have 2 dodge for more damage and 1 crushing blow if you like… but depends on you if you like… :slight_smile:

Add one more +2 multi attack to reach cap of 4+. Although you don’t have to but it may help. Mutilate also, even though Fletcher is probably better idea due to that attack speed.

hahaha… i already maxed the +4 multi attack @CuzegSpiked :joy:… and one more thing is i cant replace fletcher because the epiphany bonus wont work if i replace it… my APS is now at maxed with fletcher… :slight_smile:

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u can also change your arcanist to electrified for your elemental damage but… you’re a fan of arcanist so… nevermind :grimacing:

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i just put some few changes on my build… but im tired to upload it… so nvm… hahaha :joy: