Ultra Rare Find

First time finding one of these! Never played with the Guardian set, what are your thoughts?


Nice find!

Wow, that All Healing affix :eyes:

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Seems guardian set may have PVP potential? I’ve never bothered with shield wall in either PVP or PVE.

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The Guardian set wouldn’t fit any of my builds, but again, that All Healing affix alone makes me want that piece you found. I didn’t know that affix existed and I wonder if it’s the only item that has it.

it’s one of the 4 newest Sets. Mythitech & Shadows seem to be the most used & talked about while Mercenary & Guardian require a really focused build.

well, they all require a really focused build…

  1. Mythitech increases damage by a % per Rank for each Mythstone on the build.
  2. Shadows casting Stealth gives a Poison attack with % chance per Rank for each Poison DoT to explode for % Dmg per Rank.
  3. Mercenary is chance for lots of extra damage for Warrior Sword & Axe when enemy below 25% HP.
  4. Guardian gives extra All Resist & Arcane Damage when Shieldwall is active.

and they’re all found past floor 1k on M3.

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If you’r description is correct about “Mercenary” set. This would fit perfectly to Skullshield Crushing Flames Build which will incrase off-hands damage to 400% of Based WD which is a huge damage added to the Skull Shield … + add chances to below 25% additional to Demonic set … with Crushing Flame build you can easily chop the Mobs till 25% then let Demonic + Mercenary set do the job …

It doesn’t work with skullshield though, it had to be a sword or axe unfortunately.

ah so you mean Mercenary set does not work with WZ ? That’s a pitty. Then we can sacrify this set and use Demonic only :frowning: that’s sad otherwise we would convert to Wizard which is Skull for the build

Correct, and it is a pity! I use this set on my floor climbing warrior.

find an Item with Legend +100% Execute. it does the same thing as Demonic for more damage to enemies below 25% health. can’t be rolled with Ruby.

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ah I did not know this. Ok I will craft a new one let see if it fits to my current build … otherwise :frowning: need a lot of resource for knowledge learning :frowning:

perfect I found this as Off-hand in Warrior which can be converted to Skull which is perfect for Skull Shield build.
This item has WD% and Execute DMG which can not be rolled with Ruby. Perfectly fit to my build currently. This Execute DMG will replace the Demonic which can help me remove Demoic set in Ring and change to Crushing Flame which gets Crushing Flame Bonus … absolutely amazing … thank you @Golem



it’s all about testing, searching/reading the Codex, and Searching :mag: the Forums.

one thing that helps me is Bookmarking useful Posts. just click on the … at the bottom of a Post, click on bookmark, and you can put a title or note on the Post that will help you find it in your bookmark collection.


I made a mistake, the Off-Hand from Warrior which has WD% and Execute DMG which converted to Wizard is Shield not Skull :frowning: which makes it useless because I build Skull Shield :frowning: which drastically destroy my plan build :frowning: .

Now I have to choose with my Ring because I switch my OH to Adventure to gain 37,5% speed for farming therefore I have to choose what set of my Ring now.

If the Ring has Crushing Flame → Get Crushing Flame Bonus which is 400% DMG Immolate.
If the Ring has Demonic → 100% damage below 25%HP which very good for boss in higher floors.

@Golem @CPTcman what you guys think ? which one should I switch my ring. My Current ring is already Demoic

I’ve tried both, and honestly I think you don’t really need the crushing flames bonus. Crushing Flames (5) seems to be enough to do the trick to whittle down enemy health to 25%, then demonic/execute damage/mercenary can dobtheir thing. I’ve always put execute damage on my amulet:

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I’ve Crushing Flame Bonus both with and without Crushing Blow, for different builds.

Immolate is 100% of damage done every second for 4 seconds. with the Bonus and Crushing Flames 7 is (100 + 400 from bonus) x (1 + 175%) from Set…
500 x 2.75 = 1375% of damage done every second for 4 seconds. when enemy HP is 25% or lower the damage done is doubled, which means more damage from Immolate. so it’s up to you if you want the extra Immolate damage or not.

i’m curious about 4 seconds I thought Fire only have 2 seconds as it is written in the description. Poison has 8 seconds DoT and Fire is 2 seconds DoT.

But yes, I will go with Crushing Flame Bonus + Demonic + Maschoism.

  • 100% HP → Crushing Flame take first step with ~ 60% (cap) of Crushing Blow → Easily go down.
  • Reach 75% HP take more damage from Maschosim set.
  • Reach 25% HP much more damage from Execution DMG% and Demonic set.

Element DoT’s: Wizard Fester Talent and Inferno Set Bonus increases the DoT times.
Fire - 2 seconds
Shock, Ice, Arcane - 5 seconds
Poison - 8 seconds

Elemental Critical:
Immolate - 4 seconds
Toxic - 5 seconds
Freeze & Paralyze - 3 seconds
Orbit - not sure, maybe 1.5 - 2 seconds? with Living Force 3 - 4 seconds?

Masochism (5) does +37.5% damage when (Characters) HP is under 75%, not enemies.

Oh … shjt, then Masochism is useless because I’m making my char with 100% Glasscannon which make HP to 1 … there is no such 75% HP :frowning:

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I just found a super cool set: The Angelic set (5) will increase all Skills have CD below 1S with +25% DMG and APS (Atk Per Second) bonus which is fit to Skull Shield cd 0.4s :smiley:

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