Ultra rare mythstone

hi im kinda new to this game, i looted an obsidian crystal once but havent even looted zenith or elixir, do they (ultra rare mythstone) drop or they can only be obtained through converting? thanks

Yes they drop they are just rarer then obsidian as you require vastly fewer of them :smile:

oh okay. thank you very much.

Glad to help out :+1:

I ended up converting for my elixir, but found my first zenith. Suckers are insanely rare. I’ve never seen an obsidian drop either though, only gotten them through converting eternal and crystal items.

use Crystalline and Mythical for a higher chance of dropping those crystal and stone

I’ve got Crystalize with +4 set numbers at floor 500+ and I still never really see decently rare crystals except when I convert crystal/eternal gear.

I got some try it with some pack size map always dropping a good one

Obsidian drops at floors 500 and higher, and so does Elixer. If you want a higher drop rate for Mythstones, you might wanna try putting on a weapon with Mythical set, like Fabled Blade since it increases Mythstone drop rarity by 7.5% per rank.

does obsidian only drop from floor 500+? im still at 350s, maybe i got my obsidian from converting, idk i dont remember but i got like 4obsidians alrdy, some from converting eternal and crystal items, which i wasted on some items :cry: coz im still trying to figure out some combo sets

All crystals and mythstones drop at any floor but the rarer ones have the best drop rate above floor 500 :smile: :+1:

You may find this useful.

I’m sorry about that, and thanks for the correction :smiley:

Got mine at floor 143 using rogue, then converted a legend item and it came out to be obsidian too… i am still bamboozled

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