Unable to logout

DQ doesn’t allow me to log out of my account … The logout option is missing.

there is no log out button in the game but you can do a clear data to remove/logout your account and also backup first your account in the dq cloud before doing it

Thanks for the info. I’ll put it on the suggestions. As it stands, this game artificially restricts sharing of devices :frowning:

Can’t save to cloud due to the cloud save bug.

Cloud save bug? Could you clarify yourself please?

Careful, this can open to exploits if he finds out.

I dont get it sorry pm me if this is confidential haha

In short.

If you create local characters and go to save in the cloud…

If the cloud already have one or more characters… The game won’t save into the cloud.

Hey! Have you tried to contact the support (support@shinyboxgames.com)?
Thanks for the bug report.