Undoing conversion

Let’s say I found a vacuus or a nadroji after months of farming and it was put in the stash next to a rather commonly dropped item and i decide to convert said common item…but i suddenly converted the rare legend without notice(maybe i overlooked the pop-up and went right into converting) and the next thing i know it’s gone from my inventory and i’ll have to grind for another month or more to get that rare legend again.

So what if we had an undo for the conversion? ofc like any other feature there are pros and cons. Here’s what I thought of so far for this(if it was implemented):


  1. It saves my rare legend from being gone forever.
  2. Accidentally converting eternal or eternal crystal items wouldn’t be a problem since you can undo them
  3. it gives you back your gold :grin:


  1. people could spam undo then convert again until they get the best crystal they could get out of it
  2. inventory problems
  3. if this can be done with crystals(undoing salvage and/or undoing conversion), all hell breaks loose

This is just an idea coz i sometimes carelessly convert good items/items for my build. So, any thoughts?

For me, the cons listed killed the pros…

I like the idea especially when accidentally selling converting items, of course without the idea that we can abuse this…

Sounds good but I don’t see a way if cons outweigh the pros. I somehow got lucky to get W ragnarok hammers in a day but thats me with a good farm build and rng bless me.

Rare legends kinda not 100% needed in crafting though since the new 2.1 weapons have what you look for on rare legends. For eg, 100% weapon dmg so much easier and can be on bow, sword, gauntlet,(notably the bersker, mashocism, scoundrel items). Ed% can be found anywhere thanks to the new legends as well because cognition, entropic jewel, epiphany hat, loop of epiphany, aether robe, aether hat which all have ed%.

Still I would feel just as annoyed as you if rare legend got converted or sold even if its a convenient nadrojis ring/amulet.
Since I don’t need many rare legends though, what I do is keep em as trophies or until there’s a time where I might need them.

Maybe you could work for that rare legend again? Not sure what’s the best choice but it’s up to you. Maybe I think you should deal with it just for now and keep in mind of what I said above. Thanks to patch 2.1, most builds shouldn’t force you to have rare legend to get what you want but do farm to get rare legends anyways. Eventually, with determination and a really good farm build, you will get that rare legend hopefully.

Unless there was a way to only undo at that screen. Lets say that i converted a rare legend but noticed it before i switched to another page. I could still undo the conversion but once i switched to another page its gone. An also you cant have any crystals on that page that u converted that item on. Just a idea.

@LK_Stradmore I actually listed the cons i thought of so that all possibilities can be considered so that if ever this gets done, the (possible) worst outcomes will be considered, too.

@CuzegSpiked I only used rare legends as an example but this can also be applied to other convertibles. I might make a mythic item with perfect rolls but then i accidentally converted it(yes, i’m very clumsy in life and in games). To get that again i might need to spend a lot more time and crystals to get those rolls + the item if you know what i mean.

@AntiKhrist do you mean like when you sell a map from the inventory, there is an undo button in place of the ID all button and when you tap on any other thing, that button goes back to beiing ID all? If yes, this would be a good way to control/limit the abuse of this feature.

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@DJETHRistcix thank you :smile: . Didn’t think it was just an example but now I understand a lot more about accidental converting (your mythic items for eg). I may just be lucky that I haven’t made mistake so far as to convert mythic items yet (except ones I never need anymore).

@DJETHRistcix haha im clumsy too :blush:

@CuzegSpiked just goes to show how clumsy i am haha :grin:

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@isthatacow even if that’s common, i don’t have much access to the internet/cloud so it wouldn’t be an option for me

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i like most the Adventurer on Nadroji ring and Equality on a Brutal Wildhide (where i got Ignore Resist stat)…