Universal Rogue Build PVE Patch 3.1.2

Continuing the discussion from My PVE Build Summary:

E. Resources
To use Hunger Set: Desperation Mythic & prepare (cystal, epic,set) MP Regen up to the highest Activate Mana skill, ex Stealth 2800 MP, then at least need 2801 MP.
Hunger Set + Desperation Mythic+ MP Regen = Unlimited Mana + provide mana<75%(requirement for Hunger set)
In PVE we don’t really care for HP unless using Bloodmagic, Equivalence & Alchemy. But these mythic unimportant if meet map with DoT affix. DoT from enemy will drain HP very quickly, so there are no investment for HP.

F. Conclusion
Weapon-Based Damage = Nominal Damage. For starter/new player is very important. This is the only damage that available at the initial stages until get access to crushing blow & crushing flame set.
Crushed-Based Damage = Ratio/Enemy HP percent. Important for floor hiking > 1K
The PVE limitations are only fire + ice element that useful in high floor.
Poison, lightning, arcane = aren’t useful in high floor because there are no mechanism to boost this element infinitely. Maybe there will be an update for these element in the next patch.

Universal Build
Main toon Parameter = High Farming + High Survival
Hireling Parameter = High Farming + High Survival + High Damage
The easiest & clearly viewed from these parameter is the set affix:

  1. Crushing Flame x2 + Frozen + Epiphany = 4 Set slot
  2. Crushing Flamex2 + Frozen + Epiphany + Hunger = 5 Set slot
    The other free Set slot depend on your playstyle.

Rogue Build
For All Floor: 1-Infinity, Difficulties: Mythic 3
Mostly Heroic skill & talent assign to increase APS or hit.
Mostly Legend affix is to proc spell with high hit frequency.
Rogue OH skill that has hit frequency = Trap + Sentry.

Main Rogue Build
Features = High Farming + High Survival (PermaStealth)
Most of the set Farming set affix depend on personal choice, whether you want farming legend, eternal legend, or just crystal. This is Greedy build, all farming set in main toon.
You can change Legend Affix Orb Proc & Move speed to suit your playstyle.
You can Jasper all this equipment to Wizard.
To remove Nadroji Bonus: Use quartz while the Nadroji Bonus word position is not in the top.

Rogue Hireling
Features = High Farming + High Survival (PermaStealth) + High Damage (CF + CB)
You can change Legend Affix ‘Proc’ + Epic Affix to suit your playstyle.
All this hireling build will provide additional Luck+Item drop to get Adventure stat in picture main toon build.

Bow Build

Dagger Build
Dagger set = Angelic or Ninja. Several equipment modification from Bow Build.

Flintlock Build
Several equipment modification from Bow Build.

Not really necessary to replace Orb Proc with +50% Pierce Chance, depend on personal playstyle. Pierce chance will be helpful for Packsize map.

Boomerang/Chakram Build
This is one of the hardest build to design because the difficulties to increase chakram APS. Multiattack + Extra chance attack dont increase Hit, they directly multiply damage in DPS.
This build also has very entertaining animation. There will be 5 orb in every orb proc + 5 whirling chakram from Periphery.
Several equipment modification from Bow Build.


For hireling Just 250 mp on hit is enough to always refill your mana.Also 75% block and 75%dodge with freeze and taunt Will Prevent you from dieing Very well and you dont need to always click on stealth button

Btw Nice builds :+1:

Thx…those build just some of possibilities…those were notes i create from old built…
Now i use warrior 100% built for hireling
250 MP on hit very suitable on for warrior hireling 100% build because limited slot.
I’ll post about warrior later

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you’re right about mp on hit!

would you please post some picture the AI setting for hireling, thank you.

On main menu
Frequency Stealth = very often, no other skill use very often.

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Nice ideas. Bookmarked. Like the build concepts.

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