Unlucky In Eternal Pet

I’m having some legend pets but , I’m getting annoyed in hunting eternal pet. What affixes would you recommend in farming enslavers? Badly needed a good pet preferably on eternal pet :persevere::tired_face:

Yesterday I killed the 150th Enslaver, and he gave me a Legendary pet that I already have the Eternal one… :confused:

I always got momentum or slime :disappointed_relieved::sob: I want an eternal one , just like eternal stitch or void or tink. But i always wish an eternal bane :sob::sob:

For best results I would recommend maxing out your farming stats, or at least your Luck %, and equip Eternalized set affix if you can. Then purchase for $1.00 the Monster Spawn Boost. This ensures every level will have an Enslaver. Then for the next hour rush through levels as fast as you can. Buy tons of floor 101 maps and go through each one only killing the Enslaver. Once you kill it open the next map. In an hour’s time you’ll probably be able to locate & kill 60-100 Enslavers like this. Then even if you don’t get the 150 (200 without the Ascension perk) Enslaver achievement you’ll at least be a lot closer to it; plus there’s a fairly good chance one or more of those enslavers will drop a Legend+ pet :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

P.S. Enslavers are almost always next to the mana pool fountain or in in the upper or lower right corners of the map.

Eternalized (8)

? I think set cap is5?

(5) is normal using single set affix +4set
but using 4 eternalized + 4set affix will go to (8)