Untargetable Cartographer?

Hi, I seem to be encountering a bug (or maybe not a bug?) where the cartographer cannot be targeted by my abilities. His health bar does not appear and abilities like Storm cannot seem to hit him at all even if he’s standing under the aoe effect. Since I can’t see his health bar, I can’t see what his attributes are either.

The only way I can seem to kill him is via using the primary attack of the weapon (which deals very little damage) or through Meteor - which for some reason still hits him or maybe its the ground effect dealing damage (I have to aim in front of my character though and hope the cartographer stands there when it lands). I haven’t tested the other weapons.

Is this a known bug (I assume it is)? And is there a work around to resolve it? It’s getting annoying when it happens at a high map level. :angry:

Bug might be fixed on 1.7

Ok, thanks!