Untargetable Cartographers

I just want to send you a very nasty bug, the untargetable cartographer.
about 1/5 times i got a Cartographer who can’t be targetted and so who can’t be attacked by my hireling.
Sometimes this cartographer is just invulnerable (lots of hits, with ignore resist, crushing blow etc…) and no damage.

By the way, crushing blow seems to not work at all because when it triggers, the life bar of ennemy does not decrease !! (easy to see when triggering on a full life ennemy, we expect the life bar to decrease to about 75% …)


it known bug. Dev still trying to fix it. anyway, when that happen, what map u are in.? Fire? Ice? what affix if u can remember in challange map u use. tnt skyfall eth. and last question before u encounter with carto have u die before.?

Fire if i’m correct
affix unknown (no skyfall)
not died before encountering
i hope it will help

If it’s a known bug, can we expect a patch in futur?

it also happened to me like a lot of times.
the only thing that i can do is to buy another map. lol

Hey! Thank you for your bug report. Can you send screenshots of your whole equipment please (via PM or here)? So, I could try to reproduce it with the same condition.

Crushing blow does only work for normal monster. It’s much weaker against elite monster.

The bug is very hard to fix, because mostly it happens randomly. So, I am still trying to find a way to reproduce it 100%.

Yes it’s quite random.

once i meet a cartographer untargetable but not attacking (it was long to kill but … well safe)

how can i take screenshot on a tablet (sorry if its a noob question)

Usually, power + volume down.

when that happens, most of the attacks that work on it are aoe(in my experience at least) like meteor, shatter, teleport,etc and comet usually works if u have the right timing. im using a wiz and this is my experience on it.

Or home button + power button