it’s been 2 years since the last update, did the dves abandon the game?

Working on a small update now actually. Should have it in time to support the launch of our new title.

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really, can we get some hints of what you guys will add?

From my end I know we are fixing a few of the issues that players are having with google play services. We are updating all of the store specific packages to address a handful of crashes on devices that were not available when we released the last patch.

We have a few changes planned but I don’t want to mention those because we might not be able to implement them. We have spoken at length about our issues with the tech stack we used to create DQ when we first made it and how we are limited in what we can update due to the age and state of those tools (no longer supported).

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What is the estimated date of the update? I can’t wait for the update to be released. Please add more cool skills and item sets, Loved this game please don’t abandon this game it’s my favorite game, I’ve been playing this for years and I can’t afford to leave this game please continue updating this game with more features. Love you devs.

We are working on updating the game now. As far as continued additional content, that might prove to be very difficult for us to manage given the current state of the tools we have to use for Dungeon Quest.

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I’m very excited that you’re working on this game now, can’t wait to play the new update devs. Is it possible if you add the Lightning or Thunder skill just like Thor? Hoping this game to be more fun after the Update. I started playing this game when I was a Kid and until now I’m 24 I still can’t afford to loose and leave this game, I just loved this game so much because it is one of a Kind game it is just like a special game that the other game out there doesn’t have. Hope this year or next year you’ll release the update because the last update was 2020 and still waiting for the Update until now, MORE POWER TO ALL THE DEVELOPER OF THIS GAME, KEEP MAKING THIS GAME GREAT! THANKS!