Update please its getting boring

Add new items please ans pets and beside of wizard,warrior and rouges can you add a new class like healer or something.

I can tell you that next update will likely be a big update . It’s big that it might as well be 1 whole number more than a 2.x version but I don’t know just yet . Still it’s gonna take maybe a few months or weeks before it’s gonna fully be stable and released to the public on any device.

I can confirm as I’m a DQ Tester of this game. It’s gonna be game changing to PvP, PvE and farming in general too, just like many patches but it could even be as game changing as 2.0- 2.1 was . Given more time , it’s gonna be an awesome update!

There will definitely be new items though as that can happen but I don’t know if there would be other classes and new pets. There could be new legends though, new affixes, maybe a pet revamp or something alone the lines to do with pets and other possible things that could happen that will be exciting to see once they come out! Possibly making farming easier with as easier legends and even rebalancing which is entirely possible.

Time could only tell though as it will definitely take quite a bit of time. Even I’m not sure what the final product will be as I test but I will make it easier to find bugs to fix and I’m hyped for the update in a good way :smile: .


I hope they include monster spawn boost heheheh (for finding more ete pets) :sob::sob:

That should happen due to Google Play Quests and other reasons. Legend Pets in general could drop so much more in the next patch which will be awesome and maybe crafting will be even easier than before and build combos.

Also more Fashion Quest! That has to happen as there will always be something vanity related.

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The next patch is coming soon there’s still some balancing and a little bit of stuff to implement left :slight_smile: :+1:

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Playable Skaul and Griffin characters.


I agreed with Cuzeg, Please add some new Set Affixes that Shock has now some new combination PLASMA (Releases a 32.5% Cosmic Orb when an enemy dies HAHAHAHAHA), Add some new pets cos pets on LegendEx are a little bit few while Slimes are more, And General changes on PvP and PvE. Some new items and also the GOB players are ruining the PvP that can destroy our Fun playing PvP. And some free Boosts for players that have been playing since the last version :grin::grin:.

almost 2months of playing DQ and im having fun and enjoying the game a lot @__@

Sure there is already an updated version? You say it but your testing it right? I cant wait to play it im so excited.:blush::grin::wink:

next update is so awesome ^^ i assure you that ^^ just wait weeks or months from now ^^

Yeah i cant wait but i have one question? How can you build an ethernal mythic item? Like in the arena i found someone that hes item is eternal and have mythic skill i thought you cant put any crystal affixes on an item which is ethernal?

pets is awesome ^^

One thing I’d like from an update is an armory stash to store my items collection :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah. Add more 2 Stash Devs :slight_smile:

Hahaha Like Plasma Right ? And on fire, Ignition or Magma (Creates a large crater while attacking that deals 125% MH every 0.25 Sec. O_o) HAHAHAHA very OP and On pets, And please add some pets, Only few hounds, fairy and imp while the slimes are more and annoying.
And about the bugs. I’ll help you :wink:

Id like to see some love for fire and shock builds. Also pure crit arcane builds and bleed builds… frozen plague with disco orb seems to be the go to today.

there has definitely been on emphasis on improving worse playstyles and sets while working on this patch :slight_smile: :+1: as well as a few other cool things can’t say anything more specific then that incredibly vague statement though but you will all see what’s new when the patch is done :smile:


Yehey. When is it ? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA :laughing:

It’s coming… soon

Will have a blog post in the next week or so giving all the details. :slight_smile:

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Yes… thank you Steiger. DQ is :heart: