I sent them an email. They said there would be an update within a month on dq. that was a around a week and a half ago. Also said they were working on two other games. So hopefully this is true. We’ll find out in a few weeks.


cool, looking forward to any news or updates that are coming up. thanks for sharing @Hippie


Cheers @Hippie . Now I’m excited.

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Other games sounds very interesting :heart_eyes:

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a smal update like maybe some new mobs, some new affixes or really drastic ones like real time pvp, more Charakter or even to play with friends vs maps or any of that ideas… anybody knows?

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Those news are THE BOMB.

I don’t think DQ will be more than single player, except for Battle Arena. but there is a thread where a lot of players gave ideas for changes, additions, or improvements for the Developers to consider for the next update.

some of the ideas and requests would be more like what they would put into DQ2, which has been said to be a multi player type of game, at least that is what I remember. better to Search :mag: and see what has been said by any Dev’s so far on this subject.


Just really hope they weren’t pulling my chain about an update. getting close to the time frame lol

Dont do that.
Dont give me hope.


sending lots of hope :pray: to @LK_Stradmore .

well, if they are a little late, I am sure they will be sick with frustration, since I am sure they want to reward all of us players with the new update. of course, if they update a little earlier, us players will be sick with excitement.


Seriously, can’t wait. I thought this game was dead.

death of the game will only happen if Google Play doesn’t have it anymore. it’s too fun to play. sure, there are lots of games out there, but this one is really fun. at least for me it is.

Wow, so excited on this. :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

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No update for good

Patch 3.1.0 went live yesterday! Check it out and please give us your feedback!

You can find the patch thread here: https://forums.dungeon-quest.com/t/patch-3-1-0-patch-notes/