Updated JessicaRabbit build

Just finished updating my build, its major weakness was it’s hp and lack of resist, well thats now fixed and i decided to throw in the eternal Aether Brace to go with the eternal Divination and bloodmagic to turn all that MP in HP, plus those items give loads of damage

I could squeeze a little more damage out of it but then thats just min-maxing and becoming LOHKO (paralysis and frostbiting vs +5000 ED)

Same as before, its an AI controlled character, so i have to leave it to everyone else to try her out

I’ll keep the exact build a secret mostly because it keeps changing lol (im happy with it now tho) but I’ll answer any questions



Oh, and here’s another version of the build, it’s two draws in but the effecive HP is significantly higher and the damage was pretty decent


Mr. TeaCup, how did you make a 140k HP? What are those sets and affix? And does your skill are in a good CD reduction? Because the last time I use a BM mythic is it lowers my CD huhu :sob:

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No idea why blood magic would make your cooldowns longer?
The sets are mostly cosmic power, aetherial drain, cerebral vortex, satyr spirit and spell sword for the increased MP
Then bloodmagic mythic to turn all that MP into HP
Plus the battle mage set for Charge MH primary attack and add some Armour…

As far as base items, its just:
MH: any
OH: eternal Aether Brace
Chest: Parity (warrior)
Head: any
Ring: Nadroji Ring
Amulet: eternal Divination

I definitely think bomb is better than mirror, because Vault is the same attack rate as Charge… while Swap is half the attack rate of Charge.

And to answer your question, there is no Cooldown or Attack spd in this build at all


Blood Magic doesn’t affect Cool Down at all. what it does do is increase damage based on how much HP you are missing, converts Mana to Health & MP Heals to HP Heals (except for Mana Orbs on the ground), and doubles your Skill costs.

I wonder if you are running out of HP to cast your Spells, or when you put BM on your Item, you forgot to put Cool Down back on your Item?


Good build. I should know because I’ve fought you. @Golem is the advice person to go to as always


it’s kind of weird for me. most of my knowledge of DQ is from playing a Wizard (99% Elementalist) and reading lots of Threads or doing Searches :mag: for something. I’m learning more about Rogues & Warriors, but it is slow at the moment, as I still need to finish Ascending them (please, don’t look at the Thread, especially at the date it was started… so embarrassing :anguished: ).

not to mention, I really don’t know much about PVP, except the basics, and what I learn fighting in the Arena, and find in the Forum.


@Golem don’t you know that the devs and everyone think you are awesome :heart_eyes: it’s time that you made a PvP build. You can never beat every opponent so don’t even try. :sunglasses:


Stop! :blush:

well, I do have a Build written up and ready to build, I just need to actually Craft it (already know which Items I need for the Build). I think I need to Farm for a few Items & Crystals (especially a lot of Obsidians for the Crystal Affixes), or at least a lot of Gold to upgrade Crystals to Obsidians. the best part of it is that it’s my first time using Cerebral Vortex. it’s about time my enemies felt the frustration of my CV! :tornado::tornado::tornado:


I put the same amount of CD reduction in my item and I didn’t change it. I have an enough HP to cast a spell but it’s kinda bit of delaying my spells when I need to cast it.


Your PvP name character Mr. Golem? And division also for reference :joy:

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MzJoker Rating 1212 Eternal Division 1 Rank 66.

looking at the names in Division 1, it looks like I might be in the Cheaters/Hackers Battle Arena.

the top 3 right now are asterix_Laxus_asterix, Lord_Zoro, and_-Tieudao-_.

I haven’t played PVP in about a month or so, and I was around Division 8 or 9, so I have been moving up with defensive battles, I think, or the Players above me have been getting knocked down below me.

wow, my 2v2 is in Legend, but it looks like there is only one Character fighting instead of 2.

@Kaiserrobert since BM doesn’t affect how fast you cast Spells, there must be something else on your Equipment, or something missing, that is delaying your Spells. or worst case, a bug of some kind.