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Is there an Updated wiki for 3.0 patch? I tried to search but i can’t find wiki for affix, stats limit for pvp/pve.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Use patch notes instead: Patch 3.0 - Patch Notes

thanks a lot dude.

in still updating the wiki everytime I have

Is there an updated legendex? I have an old one which gives a lot of items but not all of them

the eternal legendex?

Hi, are you still going to update your Wiki?
The info for the new 3.0 patch is missing.
The official one is basically empty… :disappointed_relieved:

Hello there. Well it seems like the new Wiki won’t be updated yet since it takes a while

updating this info is still on our very long and ever increasing list of things “we should have done YESTERDAY:dizzy:

What areas would you all like to see fixed/added/updated first? Maybe that will help me narrow down where to start!


What could be the minimum specs to run DQ in terms of phones in Minimum specs and then recommended specs for best dq experience. I think a recommended specs would be something like mid range phones of today and minimum can be an s3 mini or iphone 4. 1Ghz processor, dual core minimums. recommended quad core. Also more than 1GB ram for headroom.

We can put some stuff from old wiki such as the affixes, base dmg, weapons, equipments, crystals, mythstones, heroic skills, natures and stat points as well as vendor, etc.
New information could be something to expand on
Trivia can be something too.

Then we can put information that doesn’t appear on codex and things we’ve established in forums such as a slightly more detailed damage calculation/reduction formula page.
I’m not exactly sure what else but a head start might help with editing ideas to help players who look at wiki. correct information will help though.

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You should just copy Eater’s Wiki and then update it :laughing:

For me the Mythics and the Affixes pages have been the most useful.

Some info found only in the forum should be added too at some point, for example:

  • crystal crafting restrictions (or put this info in an affixes table).
  • items crafting guide.
  • items conversions with Jaspers (there’s a nice pic somewhere).
  • the damage formula (to understand which affixes to choose).
  • Ascendent+Arcanist mandatory combo (why isn’t it clearly explained ingame yet?).
  • Weaken, Ignore Resist, Effective detailed info.
  • those annoying and complex stat caps (expecially exp\luck\gold\items).
  • etc…

sorry cant do in mate forgot my account at wiki