Upload/download of game progress

Hey - hoping someone can give me some insight on this topic.
My game gets bugged sometimes, in the sense that the commercials bug, so that commercial won’t come after pressing the link. The screen will just fade to black, then fade back out, and the map will load, without the commercial popping up.
I THOUGHT I found the solution to the problem = upload progress, delete the game, download it again, download my uploaded progression. Voila - adds works again.
The issue is that this happens every now and then (adds disappearing) and last time I re-download loaded my game, it bugged up/seems to be rolled back further somehow. Level progress was updated, but inventory was rolled back to a much earlier stage, and I lost two items that I had used a lot of time on farming and subsequently a lot of effort and crystals on crafting.
The question is - should my items remain/was it a bug, or is the game somehow designed like this to prevent abuse?
All the best

I had this issue of the ad boost not working despite good internet. I didn’t upload data to cloud and delete DQ for download though as that couldn’t fix that problem could it? it used to be that you could click ad boosts nonstop but it’s probably changed? I have no idea if it’s intended and do ad boost give shinybox money per video clicked?

Have no idea - just seems to be happening on a somewhat regular basis for me anyway.
Thought I found the solution, but it messed things up a bit for me :’)

Can be because of other open apps on your device, occupying RAM. I always kill all apps, restart and they work again.

Seems to be working sometimes - combined with powering down the phone and turning it on again.
Just not allways:)

Shoot an email to support@shinyboxgames.com

They’ll sort you out.

Will give it a go when I reach the weekend. Thank you all:)

My account is back to level1 what can i do

My account is back to level1 what can i do

I can try to help on my end. Send me an email to support@shinyboxgames.com