Uploaded on wrong device first wat now?

Hey i just setup Dungeon quest on my PC, but i accidently uploaded the PC version first… instead of my Mobile version… Anyhow i cand elete the DQ cloud? Because I’m getting the error “You cannot upload this account data when on the server already exists” “Please download first before uploading” on my phone. :frowning:

Please someone?

Hey! The easiest way is contact the support:
Or you could play a bit on your mobile device and try to upload it again.

I’ve tried both, contact support says they can’t help me.

Can u explain me how i can perhaps can log out and make a new DQ account and upload it on that one? cheers.

Try downloading it on a different PC/Phone. then you can overwrite probably overwrite it.

What happened is they created a dq account on their pc(not a supported platform btw…we don’t test ANY thing on a pc emulator and have no idea what the ramifications could be) and uploaded their player data.

They are trying to upload on top of that data from a mobile phone. They will get this error on my device they use at this point since they have uploaded blank data using the pc.

There is nothing we can do on our end to “reset” their account.


Alright too bad, should make some kind of log out system then so people can swap to different gmail accounts.

Anyhow thanks for the support.

Hey agency,
I think I sent you an email. I can address this issue now (thanks Steiger!!) so shoot me another email if you want this fixed.

I’m here now… so lets get this done :slight_smile:

THis should be done. Close topic?!