Uploading pictures

hi how can i upload images here on forum topics?

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phone or computer?

from phone

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click reply and you will see Upload at comment box lower right side

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ya idid that but nothing happens on my cp

use UC browser for android user

Oh,and idk if it will make a difference, but you can put it on mobile mode.
Upload is on computer,but maybe it will work differently on this mode.
Happy to may of but most likely not of helped!

how to reset this ? please help me guys

@Andrei02 it iss cause by incomplete downloading or uploading. try cleardata then download ur file again from dq cloud. if nothing change then it is cause by incomplete upload of data. your last resort would be contacting the support team by emailing them … they are pretty good in fixing and helping players bout this kind of problems

ok thanks sir…but how can i get all the stone and move it to stash 1 to 4

@Andrei02 i think you ned to manualy transfer them set by set . since der is no function develop yet to transfer certain kinds of items to be transfer alltogether in 1 move.

that would be a good idea to have a function to transfer all crystal and mythstone in certain stash lel.

btw im kinda jelous on the amount of gold u have haha u really put an effort earning that much. i always wasted my gold on converting eq for crystal lel

how to transfer i cant click anything on premium mythstone ant crystal stash

hmm i think your experiencing a BUG contact support email them.


You managed to createa topic on forum, so you should also manage to find the topic that is in every place in this forum. But whatever:

shinybox still not responding

just keep checking ur email usually they reply at midnight. sometimes it takes a 1whole day