Using a hireling?

At the moment I am using a Rogue hireling using Flintlocks and Bomb, however I dont seem to be doing any better since I have done. Any advice or anything?

is this for PVP, PVE, or both? the simple answer for both would be tweaking the A.I. setting for the Hireling. distance from the Main Character, distance from enemies, range of Skills from enemies before they will be used, do you want them to use all of their Skills, or just a few, and how often do you want the Skills to be used. I still have problems with my Hireling, but I think I am getting better with the A.I. settings.

Flintlocks have a lot of range, but Bomb is only good when the enemy is too close for comfort. if you have the Smoke Screen Set that places the Bomb on top of a nearby enemy (3 yard range per Rank), that would be a good thing. you don’t have to be right next to an enemy to hit them with Bomb, and Bombardier Talent for a chance to cast a second Bomb for free.

PVE atm, I tried pvp and got rekt xD

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also, do you happen to know of any good wizard & rogue builds whilst starting off?

I haven’t used other players builds, but I have looked at them for ideas, and read the threads they are in to see what other players think, and if the poster made any changes. just do a search, there are a lot of good ideas out there, but a lot of them require Crystals and Myth Stones, and some hard to find Items for some of the builds, that require a lot of farming to get.

the early part of the game is the hard part, because you never have enough Crystals & Myth Stones, and that one item you need for your build is playing hard to find. :unamused:

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If go flinklock and trap. Pay attention to your talents. Traps can root an enemy to the spot. Bullets can also create traps. Look at your talents :smiling_imp:

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how should i set up my AI @dickwad @Golem

I am still trying to figure out the A.I. myself. one thing I did when I was using my PVP Characters as Hirelings to get them to level 99, was to only have 2 Skills active. it helped to have the Hireling focused on doing certain things. having them using all Skills made me feel like they weren’t as effective as they could be. I am also still learning the best ranges to have the Hireling, me to them, and from them to the enemy.

AI is hard. If you want control of your hireling make it follow you within a yards and avoid enemy at fifty. But it your hireling is more powerful than you then set it the otherway round.

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Ok, Im a wizard and my hireling is a rogue, tho im more powerful

Keep your hireling close then. It becomes a damage shield. A enemy distraction. It will take your opponents attacks and protect your main character. So my first suggestion basically.


k thanks