Using Obsidian


I was recently asked about how to use Obsidian in a PM, and decided to do some of my own tests (oh!! :sob: my Obsidians are fewer now!!!) and answer in the Community Forum.

it is best to use Obsidian on a Legend Item. when rerolling affix stats on a Legend Item, the values normally wont go below 75% of the affixes max value, which makes it easier to get the higher or max values. non Legend items, even with +25% Item Quality, will give you a random number from the minimum value to the highest, so you would have to be really lucky to get a max value without spending lots of Crystals.

as long as there is at least one space on an item, you can put a Crystal affix on it.

there can only be one Crystal affix on each item.

Obsidian can’t be used on Eternal items or any Pet.

if an item has a Normal (Yellow) or Epic (Orange) affix, or a Myth Stone affix that is the same as the one you are trying to get with Obsidian, it wont show up. so if I wanted Crystal Attack Speed, I wouldn’t get it if I have Epic Attack Speed or Attack Speed from a Myth Stone. I could put Crystal Attack Speed on an item, and later put an Attack Speed Myth Stone in a Socket on the same item.

Tests: placing Obsidian on items…

Level 85 item with 0 affix: 5 choices.
Level 85 item with 5 affixes: 4 choices.
Level 85 Legend item with 5 affixes (one is Set affix): 5 choices.
Level 100 item with 0 affix: 5 choices.
Level 100 item with 5 affixes: 4 choices.
Level 100 Legend item with 5 affixes (no Set affix): 5 choices.
Level 100 Legend item with 5 affixes (1 Set affix & 1 Set Bonus affix): 4 choices.
Level 100 Legend item with 5 affixes (with 1 Set affix): 5 choices.
Level 100 Legend item with 1 affix (I think this has to be a Legend or Set affix, or the item becomes a non Legend item. this happened to me once when I was a Noob, but I haven’t really tested it again to see if it would happen again): it has been awhile since I used an Obsidian on a Legend item stripped down to 1 affix, but if I remember correctly, it was 5 choices.

I didn’t do any tests on any item with 2-4 affixes, as I didn’t want to blow a lot of Obsidian on tests. it looks like the number of choices you get is conditional on what is on the item and what the item is.


Thaaanks bro, you really put an effort to answer my question :sob: I really appreciate it.


It better too put obsidian when u only have 1 affix (will give u 5 choice)

When u have 4 affix it will give u 3 choice


I have never had less than 4 choices when using Obsidian. just used a bunch more to make an Ice Reactor - Skull Crushing Flames Crystal & Myth Stone Farming Build.


Best to use obsidian on an item with one affix that cannot be rolled by chrystals.


well, when I was putting Obsidian’s on the Items for Golem’s Latest Crystal & Myth Stone Farming Build, I noticed some more differences between Legend items when it comes to getting 4 or 5 choices using Obsidian that I hadn’t tested due to the lack of Obsidians. if I had 300 of them, I would do a thorough test. because as all players know, no one likes to waste Obsidians!!!. now I am down to around 30ish Obsidians, so I need to rebuild my stock of Crystals.

on a side note, I spent over 3k Larimar, and over 1k total of Angelite, Kyanite, & Topaz to get Stealth on my Scout (for the Golem’s Latest Crystal & Myth Stone Farming Build I mentioned earlier), and I am learning a little about using it on my Wizard. I don’t get Perma Dodge with it, but this is the first time I have used Stealth regularly on any Class. with 58% Dodge & Block, it is all about timing, so this is an interesting learning experience. usually I just blow things up with my Wizard Spells, so using a Spell that cuts my DMG in half is kind of weird…ok, Very Weird!!!


Golem it’s time to start posting guides :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I have a few in my head, but I haven’t done any tests, just what I have observed. thinking of doing a test for Blood Magic & Equality really soon and posting. hopefully by the weekend, since with all the recent posts, I really want to know. especially because the thought of BM & Equality looks like a great idea.


Trust me it works but I await your scientific results with great interest.


well, reading online while in the Forum, and thinking of the easiest tests to do to get the info I want so I can share it soonest. I used Equality & Equivalence during my Wizards Ascending and some early PVP with that Build, so I do like it, so I think Equality & Blood Magic is some good info to have.