Vacuus Scipio

Uploading… guys can you screenshot where you find the vacuus scipio please

Above floor 100. There is no one floor to find it.

Can you screenshot your legendex?

unknown location is rare legend and it drop randomly on floor. when 1 player found, thats it. there is no change on legedex of where it drop. it still “Unknown Location”

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I don’t have it yet. I don’t play as the rouge atm. But after work today I just might use her as a hirling

Does vacuus scipio has momentum?

it have maelstrom…

No that is a warrior exclusive affix. U would need to jasper it over to a war. Then back again after you get ur disired affix.

What do you mean jasper it?

When i find a vacuus i will jasper it to warrior?

If Vacuus Scipio drops for you, it will have the Maelstrom affix. If you want Momentum, you need to use the crystal Jasper to change its class to Warrior, then the crystal Kyanite to remove Maelstrom, then the crystal Amethyst to add the Momentum affix. Note that Amethyst gives you a choice of a few random set affixes, so you may need to Kyanite->Amethyst a few times until you get the one you want. Once you get Momentum, if you aren’t using it on a warrior you can then use Jasper again to change the item back to the class you want.

Thanks btw narodji so hard to find t.t