Vampiric Touch Set PvP Analysis


It’s Jack’s personal codex he created at The Overlook Hotel, so to speak.


Its from " the shining" the book has one sentence repeated. " All work and no play makes Johnny a dull boy." Its a novel hes being trying to write during a psychotic episode. He then tries to kill his family. Classic horror film @ Stanley Kubrick who also did the notorious “A Clockwork Orange” . A film which he distanced himself from but which i think is quite a sobering view on life


How about blood magic, vampiric touch, harmony, epic hp, epic mp, epic hp on hit, epic mp on it, mp regen and element damage @Zaine ,@Mr_Scooty and @Golem


at the moment I am using a Blood Magic Build in the Arena, and it has some of the affixes you listed. it got me back into the Eternal League. it doesn’t have Vampiric Touch, as I would need to do my own testing to see if I would want to use in in the Arena. it’s one thing to read these cool posts on a making a great PVP Build by @Mr_Scooty and other players, but it is another thing to actually make and use them. I still need to make a better Farm Build that wont die all the time on floor 400-500. one of my Farm Builds can do it, it got up to floors 980ish M3, but now I have some ideas for a better Farm Build, I just need to farm for more Crystals and Myth Stones to actually make it. got low on stuff making my Blood Magic PVP Build. and I really tried to use as few as possible. I mean, I really, really tried! :cry: x 100 :hourglass_flowing_sand: (making my build and watching my Crystals and Myth Stones flow through my fingers like sand in an hourglass).


Lol @Golem i just stripped a permafrost hat to the bonus and elemental legend. Added a mythic and chrystal armour. Now im desperately using amythists waiting to re add permafrost set :cry:


:small_blue_diamond: :shark: (theme from Jaws in the background as you spend Crystals) @dickwad. I hate when I get rid of an affix, only to realize I want it, and then spend lots of Crystals trying to get it back. :frowning_face: x 100.


And the more precise the affix you want the game program understands and makes it hard( eg getting the same nature on all equipment :angry:)


Loving the avatar @Golem


@dickwad it is from Hyper Heroes. one of the characters is a Panda Warrior. I liked the artwork for the Panda here.


Mines just a humble blue 1950s police box with bad wolf graffitti… oh and it travels in time. Interestingly the real 1950s police boxes had doors which the police opened and locked crinimals in while waiting for back up. I think they should bring them back just the iconic look they have aqcuired from the popular Dr Who sci fi series.


Just so you know I think that is a bug. After removing a set affix with a set affix bonus and re-rolling again the same affix on that item is far from impossible. It is by experience, I tried removing crushing flames on a chest item with set affix bonus and added Mythic and Crystal Affix. After that I re-rolled Amethyst hoping to get another Crushing flames but I failed. I think I spend like 30 Amethyst on just one item.


just RNG laughing at players desperately trying to get the affix they want with the fewest rolls possible. sometimes when rolling just for Sets, I can get what I want on the first roll, and other times I run out of Amethysts and have to farm for more to try again. this was one way of learning how Sets work on my Builds, getting stuck with a Set I didn’t want, but having to use it anyways.