Vanish mythic

hi i just want to know what is vanish mythic effect? duration of effect? thanks

as it said vanish stealth mode cannot be touch or gain any dmg 2-3sec? correct me if I am wrong

ic thankyou

you’re welcome :smile:

Vanish mythic effect: 10% chance to cast stealth and 10% to blind as well. It’s a better version of stealth in a way. It does have the same duration as stealth though and I think it can be affected by hero points for stealth as well as veil, all procs and cool downs.

The mythic is pretty good in pvp and back when stealth used to last in 2 seconds, alot of battles finished in vanish time. It was a bit op because of such a big duration as well as doubled dmg and almost no cost to get it. Now it halves dmg but protects you only for 1 second. It still makes a great difference than none though. If stealth old effect was back, floor hiking would be way too easy lol if I figured out. There is permastealth but that takes some effort and only rogue can do it a good alternative is smoke bomb procing every time but thats not the only alternative.

wow thank you so much for a very detailed answer …now understand it better goodwork

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My current Rouge build is permastealth right now and I can say it really makes a very big difference the way it was before. So, dissapointed that they changed the VEIL talent from Stealth Duration to DD. Anyway, the only good thing about stealth in PVP that I saw is that casting stealth removes buffs so definitely removes all elemental effects and all kinds of doots including bleed.

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What’s DD?

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Double Damage (I mean 50% increased damage while Stealthed) :smile: sorry my bad.

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I thought veil was to compensate for that halved dmg to neutralise it. Then theres hero point skill. I’m planning to make a new rogue build soon so I want to know as much possible about stealth so my doubts are cleared away. I know for sure that vanish can be affected by hero points. Hero points do make stealth last longer. Veil increase dmg now I think compensates for that hakving dmg effect stealth does. Farming for weeks then afterwards to get what I need after I have a solid plan. I already have a great plan to deal HUGE dmg in general. It will be Shocking (pun intended). Also it has fire and bleed but thats not all.

hail all rogue haha … ya im also a great fan of stealth … my main is bow rogue and my hireling is also a rogue with a reactor poison build … its all becuz of stealth it inc the survivality in higher floor … im realy now contented on my build even though im stil on floor 1620 M3 haha … im planning to start climbing up after im done farming eternals for crystal convertion haha. i wna make smokescreen build too seems very useful

Oh, two seconds vanish on rogue at stealth 20, this with smoke bomb survival. I don’t use smoke screen because it isn’t needed survival wise. It is good for dmg though but it depends on you and the build.