Various Questions & 1 Warrior Build Idea

1.Is there a cap on Skill Proc chances (Torrent, Storm, Meteor, etc.), or is it possible to obtain 100% Proc chance?

  1. Can affixes added to an Eternal Mythic (Fabled Crown, Fabled Blade) be changed by Sapphire and/or removed or are they permanent?

  2. Can Legend affixes be added to Eternal Mythics?

  3. What exactly does Defiant mean when it says “Increased by %+5 of total HP% missing”? Does this mean if you are at 50% HP, you gain 55% more Damage and 55% more Damage Reduction? Or is it a multiplier for the base 25% from Defiant?

  4. What is the difference between Elemental Critical and (Toxic, Immolate, Freeze, Paralyze, Orbit / TIFPO)? Legend affix Elemental Critical can be seen on All Stats(max 40%) while (TIFPO) does not seem to show on All Stats page.

  5. Does Mythic skill Nova deal damage or is it simply a 0 Damage AoE Elemental Critical for debuff applications only? P.S. I know about Empyrean, I’m asking about Nova as a standalone Mythic.

  • Does Multi Attack also increase Proc Chance or is it a simple damage boost? Example would be: I have +2 Multi Attack. Does this mean in one instance, I have 3 separate attacks that can proc skills like Torrent and Twister? Or do I still only have 1 attack to proc those skills?

Warrior Build Idea:

Necessary Gear: Scorpio, Mutiny

Optional Gear: Stone of Nadroji + Nadroji’s Amulet (If you do not have these, you’ll need Elixer on your Jewelry)

Element: Poison

4 Preset Affixes:

  • Elemental Dmg% (Mutiny)
  • Weapon Dmg% (Scorpio)
  • +2 Set x2 (Elixer or Nadroji)

6 Crystal Affixes:

  • Crit Chance x1
  • Reduced CD x1
  • Total HP / Total MP / Armor / HP Regen / MP Regen x4 (Any of these for the other 4)

6 Mythic Affixes:

  • Cosmic Orb [MH]
  • Nova [OH]
  • Exposed / Ruptured / Skilled (Matter of preference and playstyle) [Chest]
  • Harmony [Head]
  • Empyrean [Amulet]
  • Equivalence [Ring]

6 Set Affixes:

  • Plagued
  • Druidic
  • Equality
  • Defiant
  • Rage (Optional)

*Any combination of these (Max 4 on any single set), but only need 1 on Druidic.

10 Ruby Affixes:

  • Elemental Critical
  • Push The Limit
  • Barbarian
  • Ignore Resist
  • Meteor Proc
  • Storm Proc
  • Twister Proc
  • Torrent Proc
  • Taunt Proc
  • Multi Attack (If it increases proc chance instances, if not, then pick ElemCrit Dmg)

Last 4 Affixes:

  • Master (Mythstone)
  • Movespeed / ElemCrit Dmg / ElemCrit / Anything else you might fancy


  • Might (Chest)
  • Fustigate (Head)
  • Assault (Ring)
  • Prayer (Amulet)


  • Death x4 (If you included Rage set)
  • Protection (Any number)
  • Wisdom (Any number)

For What Purpose?

Simply put, to decimate your enemies with a barrage of multiple damage instances while maintaining an endless supply of HP and Mana (Provided you don’t get perma-stunned or 1-shot). A short breakdown of the strong points of this build:

  • Harmony Mythic + Prayer Talent ensures you’ll never run out of Mana or HP as long as you use your OffHand weapon (in this case, Scorpio).
  • Fustigate may have a low chance to proc, but factor in Assault and your many Skill procs, the enemy will have difficulty moving once you start casting.
  • Plagued + Druidic + Defiant + Equality + Equivalence drastically increases your survivability to a ludicrous amount, while boosting your normal damage output and Poison DoT.
  • Elemental Damage% from Mutiny and Weapon Damage% from Scorpio is simply beautiful for spamming your OffHand without worrying about going about getting close to the enemy.
  • Taunt + Twister + Storm + Meteor + Torrent. Just keep pulling them in for an inescapable demise.

I’ll leave you guys to criticize the build since it’s all in my head and I don’t really know if it actually works.

Edit: Not sure if Nadroji’s Robe is a nice choice to take since the ED% is AMAZING but that Dependent Affix is a bummer for a Damage Build.

Edit Edit: Fixed the question numbering. Fixed last question. It seems that < > removes the word in the middle.

  1. cap is 100%.
  2. permanent.
  3. no.
  4. unsure. Ask the human calculator, @ilidan371.
  5. elemental critical just has a higher roll. They are all the same, essentially.
  6. what do you mean?
  7. essentially, yes. More attacks to trigger.

Too lazy to criticize anything atm.

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  1. no cap
  2. permanent
  3. no eternal items cant be craft except fable and unreal hood,
  4. it has an additional 25% dmg and dmg reduce and thats fix, and it increase by your missing hp,
  5. no difference its just, those epic affix like toxic, immolate etch . . . is focus on 1 element, but legend affix elemental critical covered all elements,(WHAT IS TIFPO? can you screen shot it?)
  6. given on the description of nova already,
    -i dont get you another question but if you really want your procs will trigger always use attacks that has a big number of APS like chacram,

I am unsure how much the damage is but I would imagine that Nova does deal damage. Otherwise, a Nova proc in fire/poison element will be quite useless.

I remember @Skaul posting a list of how much damage Mythic Skills deal somewhere. I don’t really remember if Nova is on the list, though. Maybe, it only lists MH Mythics.

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Here, here! The King himself arrives!
Cyclone - 300% MH
Bombard - 250% MH
CosmicOrb - 300% MH
RockBlast - 200% MH
Earthquake - 300% MH
Arc - 350% MH
Apocalypse - 300% MH
Vanish - 100% OH
Nova - 250% OH
Enigma - 250% OH

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Sorry for late reply, but i can answer your defiant problem (oh the puns :innocent:)
Well you have a set increase of 25% increase at (5) and while at 50% HP you gain another 12.5% increase at (5)… Thats as simple as i can say it, ill leave it to you to calculate from there

I got this from my old post, if you need further explanation ill happily lend you my brain

can you put that in your SHTT thread so it’s easier to find and link when needed?

Damn, I thought it was in there. There’s a lot I have to put in that thing… Uggghh. Work.

Have you used firefox? I think the numbering problem is firefox exclusive?

  1. The cap for procs is 100% but you can make it so 60% feel like 100% like on the aftermath build when you spam shatter. Thank you :smile:
  2. I believe they are permanent like on any eternal but I haven’t tried this on my own eternal fabled blades because I haven’t got one. I think @Skaul knows a bit more for this one.
  3. No unfortunately .
  4. Ok to answer your defiant question. Say you lost 25% hp. 25% × 25.

25%× 25 = 6.25% , counting 25%+6.25% = 31.25% dmg and dmg reduction after losing 25% hp. This is when the set is at (5). If the set number at lower numbers, the result is different. For example at (3), 15% × 25 (25 is missing hp)
15%×25 = 3.75% , 25+3.75= 28.75% dmg increase.
At (1), 5%× 25 (25 is missing hp), 5%×25= 1.25%, 25+1.25= 26.25% dmg and dmg reduction.
Clearly defiant at (5) is so much better and if pvp, at (3). This is according to what @TeaCup said :smile:
5. As @Kcellvirus said and I think TIFPO means toxic, immolate, freeze, paralyse and orbit in abbreviation. The legend affix elemental crit is far more efficient but will take up a few rubies until you find one. Good luck! :blush:
6. Nova deals 250% Oh dmg. Pretty good if you ask me. It’s a proc as well
7. I guess so… I know that if I use flintlock with multi attack, I can shoot more bullets at once and more enemy affected as well as more dmg. Same with comet. Multi attack apparently (correct me if I wrong @Skaul ) only affects primary attacks. If its in hero points, it can affect any skill. For example meteor hero skill above 10 has 1+ multi attack. This means, you can cast 1 meteor and an extra meteor already comes with it at the same time, but this only works with meteor hero points on wizard class.

Hope this helps :sunny: :smiley: Thanks for reading :smile:

Just gonna add to this, if you want defiant for damage reduction then dont bother… Also if you want anything for damage reduction, dont bother :sweat_smile: there is nothing on the game worth using that gives enough damage reduction unless its PvP and you have millions of HP


It’s in there. :+1:

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