Very Awesome Article from Android Police!


"If the success of the Torchlight series has taught us anything, it’s that dungeon crawlers are far from obsolete. The latest Android entry in the storied genre is Dungeon Quest, a solid loot-fest that’s still in beta. Though there’s only one class (mage,) the randomized levels and equipment should please click-happy Diablo fans all over. 100 levels and 5 difficulty settings should will keep things interesting, and the happy-go-lucky graphics don’t hurt, either.

Like Torchlight, the game uses a simple health and mana system. Equipment can be upgraded via enchanting, and there’s also a Dungeons & Dragons-inspired rerolling system. So maybe you want your staff to do more damage, and don’t mind a decreased range - reroll until you get it. The actual gameplay is pretty solid, too: simple controls allow you to apply a weapon and modifier (like a transport orb) to mix things up. The simple loot collection, which grabs both gold and items as you walk by them, makes getting the maximum amount of goodies easy.

Dungeon Quest is free to play, and relies on in-app purchases of game currency. That being said, there are enough in-game drops that you don’t feel forced, and the cost for Google Play IAPs is more than reasonable. Impressively, even the cheapest one dollar purchase will remove The few ads in the game. If you’ve been itching for a solid dungeon crawler, Dungeon quest might just scratch it."

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How cool is This… Need more articles like this for DQ.