Very easy difficulty glitch

have any one tried the very easy mode when reaching lvl 60? tried it and farmed lots and lots of legend items cs ands. i have item with fortune % and buffed up luch points. is this the reason??

from what I have read in other parts of the Forum, the faster a monster is killed, the better the loot. at Very Easy Difficulty, monsters have the lowest HP, so they can be easier to kill with fewer hits, or even one hit. that is the good thing. the bad thing is that there are no bonus’s for Gold Find, Luck, or Experience like you get with higher difficulty levels. from what I have observed, when I kill monsters with one hit, or few hits, they drop more and better loot then if it takes a lot of hits to kill them.

here is something to think about. at very easy, for you to get your Luck to 650% (cap for Luck), you would need +75% Luck (Epic - Orange) on all 6 items and your Pet, and 5 Luck Natures on your items. if you put 20 Hero Points into Fortune Skill, then you would only need to have 3 Luck Natures on your items.

now if you were on Mythic 3 Difficulty, it gives you +350% Luck, so you would only need 4 items with +75% Luck. or 3 Items with +75% Luck, and 3 items with Luck Nature. with 20 points in Fortune Skill, 3 items with +75% Luck, and only 1 item with Luck Nature.

Luck improves your chances of getting better loot. there are some Legend items that can only be gotten on certain Elemental Maps, and some that can only be gotten when you reach certain floors or are on certain Difficulty Levels. you can learn where to find them in the Legend part of the Codex. same for Eternal items.

when you get a chance, do a search for Farming Builds. there are many different kinds. when I first started playing DQ, I used items with Fortune on them and put Points into the Fortune Skill, and as I got better, made my own personalized Farm Equipment. I spent a lot of time playing Very Easy while learning how to play DQ, and now I just hang out on M3, but maybe I need to do a lower difficulty, since I made a weak farm build for an experiment (a Reflect Damage type of build), so I can kill monsters faster then I am now.

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thanks… yes it drops legends and 1 eternal item ang lots of mc… i level a lil fast since im stil on low level…

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the thing I learned is that it takes time to get used to what the different affixes do and how they can work together.
first it was picking up loot on the ground and using it.
second was learning what the different affixes did and using items that had the affixes I like using.
third was learning how using Crystals, and eventually Myth Stones, made my items better. sure, I was using Calcite and other weak Crystals, but they were all I had, even though I only had a few of them.
fourth was finding my first Legend items. as a beginner, Legend items were a lot like Eternal items. I didn’t know how to use them or what I could do with them. I just knew they were powerful items.

I actually played DQ for about a year before 3.0 came out. I just did hack and slash with the monsters and had fun. but after 3.0, I got serious and Ascended for all 6 Perks, got all bags and CS/MS storage, the Map and the other 5 character slots. started making my own items instead of just using what I found. went from Very Easy to Mythic 3, stopping at the difficulty levels in between as I improved my game. I read a lot of the Forum, so I had a lot of knowledge to help me as I improved my game, and that helped me to understand why something wasn’t going well with something I crafted (most of the time).

I took things slowly with DQ, and I know other players jump in and are doing amazing things in just a few weeks after they first get DQ. just so much fun at our own speeds.