Very low level PvP build


Now this is extreme. My 6 year old nephew has abandoned this game at easy 40. So I have spent 2 days making it a viable PvP (because he wants to defeat his uncle… That’s families for you.). One character. No purchases. Struggled on floor 40. There are no mythic in this build. No elixirs. Only legend items found at highest normal 151


@dickwad, do you hear that music? it is the theme from Jaws :octopus:, as your nephews PVP Character sneaks up on your PVP Character and sends it to the depths of the Normal League. I have seen a lot of builds in the Leagues that don’t look like much, but are still able to do well anyways. this post makes me think of when Yoda was training Luke Skywalker to be a Jedi :crossed_swords:. dickwad training his nephew to be the next Eternal League number 1!


He’s ten wins behind :joy::joy:



that’s a good combo set of equipment. I played for quite a while before I got the hang of the game and crafting. he’s got a good teacher.
the music is getting louder!


Well I tried to make it pve up to floor 200 legend! So pumped 20 fortune and dexterity. That’s me done with it. Got him level 92. This uncles duty is done


well, getting the next generation excited for DQ is an awesome responsibility.


Roll on dq2


192 I stand corrected




@Mr_Scooty what do you think of this thread. My 6 year old nephew is mythic 1v1 div one on this build


I put apocalypse in his wand because he only had one character and he hates fighting alone :slight_smile:


That’s great you helping him with the build. Storm for his MH secondary would be perfect. Although if you created an Apocalypse wand it should have barrage/storm by default. Let us know how he’s doing.


He got a second character slot yesterday @Golem @Mr_Scooty. Level one warrior. Entered 2v2 pvp. Warrior was dead meat however he was jumping an arena level per match. When I played him 1v1 when I created this build. He basically shot through mythic in an hour. Understandably getting past div one is this build end… I think lol… would be funny to meet him in eternal :joy:. I spend bloody months in mythic :angry:


@dickwad the Jedi Knight has become the Master, and the Master has become one with the Force.


Lol @golem I’m a classic star wars geek being old enough to watch the originals in the cinema :fearful:your post made me laugh


@dickwad (in a voice scoured by the desert wind, an old man in a brown robe said to two soldiers in white combat armor with black trim) “These are not the low level Toons you are looking for.”


He’s stuck in legend because he is six and gets moody at anything in life that annoys him. I think it’s time to let him learn his own way


hopefully he wont get too discouraged. sounds like he is having lots of fun and is thinking of passing your ranking in the Arena. :wink:


I would love it if he did