Veteran Returning - and needs a bit of help

Hey! It’s me. Nobody remembers me, but I played this game a lot until about 3 years ago, when I quit. I want to start a new account, new characters. Can anybody help me with creating a first character? Should I go for a farming build? A floor climber? What do I start with? Build help is much appreciated. Thanks everyone for responding! My final goal is making a PvP character that can get me in the top 100.


Full Farming build first is the best thing to do :smiley:


So that hasn’t changed. Can you point me to a guide / build picture of a good farming build?

well, there are a bunch of old & new Farm Builds, just Search :mag:.

if you are going straight from Farming to PVP, do you plan on getting any Perks? you don’t really need them if you are in a hurry to make a Splash in Battle Arena. just make sure your Gold Find & Luck is +650%. I would suggest at least getting either the Dealer Perk or both the Dealer & Fortunate Perks as both can improve getting Gold and Fortunate improves your Luck. +100% or better Item Drop can help a lot also. just convert any Legend+ items you don’t need to Dust, and use Dust to get any Legend or Eternal items you need to Farm Better, and then for the items you need in PVP. don’t have to Climb Floors at all for any items if you have Dust to buy them in the Codex.

I was just now looking at some of the Builds out there, and there are a lot. better to go look and see if there is one you would like to use.