Viability of Deadly Arts with Sanctuary

So… I’m currently trying to maximize the effects of all the possible affixes on my Rogue build without compromising for the damage and one of the possible solutions I came up with was…

Deadly Strike (5) - Deadly Strikes have a (1 * rank)% chance to finish all Cooldowns, DMG taken reduced by Deadly Strike%
Sanctuary - Automatically recover 25% HP when you suffer a hit that would kill you. This effect may occur once every 30 seconds.

Is the cooldown of Sanctuary included in the ‘all’ description of Deadly Strike’s effects? Deadly Strike was never really my type of item set affix so I don’t know if it would work cause I got no experience with it.

Can anyone help answer this?

First thing, sanctuary recover’s 10% of full healfh, second, deadly arts have a 1% chance to finnish all cooldows on skills.

I dont think it affects the sanctuary mythic only the skills are the ones affected by the deadly arts. Better use stealth and sanctuary with deadly arts if u want survivability.

Sanctuary sucks. I only use it on farming cos I’m poor

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saves me money in floor climbing, gives me second chance to fight back in PvP as I regen quickly also with some damage reduction and removes bleed and dots. Its alright but it used to be more useful (it was overused when it had 2 sec duration). Deadly arts doesn’t affect sanctuary as it doesn’t imply nor state it affects it. Dmg reduction not the best in high floor as it’s better to just avoid DMG altogether with dodge/block, using high movement and instant killing enemies before they get a chance to attack, sanctuary to regain composure if you mess up and once every 30 seconds. Good in farm build to reduce time spent reviving you or hirling.
Its also an interesting with defiant and bloodmagic when you revive to gain a big damage boost and fight back.

Deadly arts can reduce dmg by deadly strike % which is pretty neat but the reset cooldown chance is good too. Again it used to be much more powerful but its still a neat set affix if you use deadly strike and want cooldowns to reset a fair amount of times, faster attacking is better. Anything can go with sanctuary but you shouldn’t rely on it. I did contemplate on a deadly arts PvP build just to take advantage of my eternal pet and have fun for damage reduced with dmg and reset cooldowns.


Sanctuary, Defiant, Blood Magic, and Masochism would be a funny way to make a come back from death. HP at 10% for a few moments, monsters cowering in fear at the Power pouring out of your Weapons…

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Yep. :smile: