Viability of double strike build?

does double strike helps with crushing blow?
i don’t know how to test it, the damage floaters are trash XD.
But here’s a 99.2% double strike build with 100% dodge for floor rushing, vault-zoom and single target damage for the boss. Would prefer bow but can’t find double strike bows.

all are ‘of the elements’ nature.
even if it doesn’t help crushing blow it’s still a good 50-100% damage for 5-6 slots and works with momentum.

also there seems to be a bug on max cooldown vault, holding down vault sometimes randomly changes direction and goes in a circle.

*update: changed OH crushing blow mythstone to 10% dodge to free up relentless talent.

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Does double strike increase dodge?! OMBG😳

100% dodge is from amber-ed oh stealth and viel 20, 35 base stealth, 45*2+10=100.
could give up a crushing blow for dodge to get relentless though, ye I should do that.

The rule is the faster your character attacks, the higher the chance crushing blow will occur. So the answer is yes. Double strike helps.


Thank you for clarification🤗

k, but epiphany bonus doesn’t even if it especially added ‘total’ to distinguish itself from every other damage%s?..

What do you mean by it doesnt??.

it does increase crushing blow damage?

The only factor that affects crushing blow’s damage is the set crushing flames. Crushing blow’s damage is dependent on the current health of the enemy.

so it doesn’t and crushing blow is left out of ‘total’ :frowning:


Double strike can increase your chances of attacks which means more hits and more hits means more likely to crushing blow.
Although to increase the crushing blow dmg%, crushing flames and using immolate helps also. A bit of both helps.

Check your build against practice PvP opponent’s and check the battle logs and round stats. You soon learn what works and doesn’t ( eg bloody vanish mythword)

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